Cloud9 fan gets logo tattooed on arm after team made it out of groups at Worlds 2021

Some fans keep their promises.

Photo by Joosep Martinson via Getty Images

When major tournaments take place in sports, some fans make promises they often can’t keep, like tattooing the logo of their favorite team after they hoist a trophy. And the case is no different in esports. But one Cloud9 fan followed through with their promise.

On Oct. 11 last year, when the 2021 League of Legends World Championship was taking place, a certain C9 fan named Fufuuyen on Twitter pledged to tattoo the team’s logo on their arm if the squad qualified for the knockout stage of the tournament.

That promise has now been fulfilled. The tattoo in question is a standard black-ink tattoo on the fan’s forearm. It showcases the North American organization’s logo in bold.

During Worlds 2021, C9 were placed in Group A, which was considered by many experts and fans as the Group of Death. It featured the top seed from the LCK, DWG KIA, the second-best team from LPL, FunPlus Phoenix, and the third seed from Europe, Rogue.

After the first round of matches, things were looking dire for C9 and Rogue. Both, however, managed to secure wins against FPX in the second round of games, resulting in tiebreakers. There, Rogue knocked out the Chinese representatives and failed against Cloud9, who advanced through to the next stage of the tournament.

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