15-minute surrender and more big features coming to League tomorrow

An early unanimous surrender, Your Shop, and ping muting are all included in Patch 7.10.

Image via Riot Games

The long-awaited 15-minute surrender is finally here, as well as the return of Your Shop and the ability to mute pings, according to the official League of Legends patch notes.

Patch 7.9 may have changed the entire tank class and its items, but tomorrow’s Patch 7.10 is hitting the game’s systems. The three features arriving tomorrow will improve the health of the game and the client at its core by making the collective experience of League better all-around.

Unanimous 15-minute surrender

Most of the time, especially in ranked game modes, surrendering should be the last resort. There’s usually a way to come back in any game, even at the highest levels of competition, and giving up at any stage of the game is ill-advised.

That being said, sometimes you’re just getting trash-canned, pub-stomped, face-rolled, and any other synonym for getting your hopes and enjoyment crushed, that you just need to call it quits. We’ve all had those games. Your mid Yasuo that shouted “MID OR FEED” in champ select is ironically at his sixth death with no kills at fifteen minutes. The enemy jungler ganked your bot lane and killed them both. Your jungler tried to gank top to counter the bot gank, but was met in the river by the enemy mid laner after he slaughtered Yasuo twelve times, and they killed him too.

Sometimes, even if a comeback is still possible, it’s not worth the effort. For those times, Riot is implementing a 15-minute unanimous surrender with Patch 7.10 tomorrow. At 15 minutes, if your entire team agrees, you’ll now be able to forfeit the game.

Ping muting

In the same spirit, even if you want to mute the bot lane that got double-killed in the aforementioned game because they started flaming the jungler for not ganking at level two to help them out, you wouldn’t want to necessarily mute their pings. After all, if you mute their chat, pings are the only way for you to communicate with them, and League is a communication-based game, right? Right. Absolutely.

But, sometimes you just need them to shut the hell up. You can’t control what that bot lane does or says, but you can control what you see them say or do. After the millionth “?” ping falls over your head by the ping-spamming flamers in bot lane, communication be damned, you want to mute those pings. In Patch 7.10, you’ll be able to.

When you hit Tab on your keyboard to see the overview of the teams, there will now be a “Mute pings” button right next to the regular mute button for each player. Likewise, you will be able to type “/fullmute all” in chat to mute everyone on both teams, pings and chat alike. Hey, we won’t judge, occasionally we all have a game where we’re totally done with everything and everyone.

Your Shop

Getting random loot through League’s crafting system is certainly a fun experience each time you open a Hextech Chest. There was once a time that the in-client shop also had some fun RNG involved with it. That RNG was called Your Shop, and it came around once in a while with events like Snowdown and Lunar Revel.

Upon entering Your Shop, you would get six totally random cards that would represent a sale on a certain champion or skin, and the sale amounts would vary. You might reveal a card with Elementalist Lux on sale for 80 percent, which would be awesome. On the other hand, you might reveal a card with The Magnificent Twisted Fate for 10 percent off, which is decidedly less awesome, but it’s all in the spirit of fun RNG. Your Shop hasn’t come around since the new game client was released last year, because it didn’t work with the new client.

Well, the kinks have been fixed, and Your Shop is coming to the new client with a grand re-opening in Patch 7.10. It will be available until June 6, and then it will go back to only appearing on special events.

It’s not a vanguard tank rework or a cool, new skin, but these game client upgrades for League are still very important and very exciting, because the community has been asking for these features for a long time now. They’re all finally here, and Patch 7.10 is shaping up to be an awesome patch.