Clash sees new life, headed to PBE next month

Hopefully this time it doesn't turn back into Crash.

Image via Riot Games
Clash, League of Legends’ in-game tournament mode, is finally seeing the light of day again following severe technical issues when it first launched. The mode will be available for players on the game’s PBE starting Sept. 5, according to a post on the game’s website. Players will be able to lock in their teams, following which a scouting phase will begin. Unlike before, however, scouting phases will be staggered in order to prevent too many games from starting at once. One of the biggest problems with the original version of Clash was too many matches beginning at the same time, causing the platform underlying the game’s client to overload and crash. This will be the first tournament available to players and will allow Riot to test their new staggered scouting phase. On Sept. 11, another round of Clash will start. During this one, Riot will be testing game flow changes. But if everything goes smoothly, players should see no difference between this and the first tournament. The third and final test will be on Sept. 19 when Riot rolls out a brand-new Clash recovery tool. In the past, issues forced entire tournaments to be canceled and remade. With this new tool, however, Riot hopes issues can be addressed and single days of Clash can be canceled instead of entire weekends. To begin, players must lock in their teams and then wait for their tournament to begin. Every tournament in this version of Clash will have four teams, meaning each will play two rounds.