Check out this great fanmade Pool Party Xayah and Rakan skin concept

The Rebel and the Charmer are set to splash.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ Pool Party skin line features some of the most popular cosmetics in the game and a talented artist recently imagined how Xayah and Rakan would look like if they were to join the summer-themed festivities.

Ink Rose has created two beautiful skins that are based off of Macaw parrots. Not only do they match Xayah and Rakan’s bird-like features, but they are also very colorful in nature, which also matches both champions’ loud and expressive personalities.

“Pool Party Xayah and Rakan are ready for fun in the sun! Well, Rakan is, at least,” Ink Rose wrote. “Xayah prefers to stay under an umbrella and wear copious amounts of sunscreen.”

To represent the differences in personality, the artist created some mock up recall animations for the duo, matching their respective characteristics to a tee. For Rakan, the charismatic support champ jumps into a kiddie pool and splashes about, using it as a bird bath. Meanwhile Xayah isn’t looking to have that much fun—her solo recall animation has her putting on sunscreen while getting splashed by water.

Image via Ink Rose

Their joint recall animation is even nicer, with Xayah and Rakan playing volleyball together. Xayah spikes the ball and ends up hitting Rakan in the head, knocking him down to the ground. She runs over to Rakan to check up on him and he surprises her with a kiss on the cheek.

Some people might be tired of seeing skins for Xayah and Rakan, but this themed set looks way too good to pass up. Although the summer may be ending, the lovers duo could soak up some sun at next year’s pool party.