CaptainFlowers has hilarious reaction to being stuck casting a 50-minute League game

The NA talent couldn't take it anymore.

Photo via Riot Games

Popular LCS caster Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines was held “hostage” while casting a viewer game of League of Legends for over 50 minutes last night.

The viewers, ranging from Bronze to Master skill levels, picked scaling champions and dragged the game out as much as possible, refusing to make proactive plays to end it. The game was a bloodbath with almost three kills per minute overall. Multiple Barons and Elder Dragons were taken by both teams.

At one point, CaptainFlowers recorded a small SOS message, joking that he was stuck on Summoner’s Rift. “I am in a hostage situation, and they won’t let me go… tell my parents that I died doing what I love,” he jokingly said.

CaptainFlowers made his casting debut in 2017 and is known in the scene for being a huge fan of Skarner. He showed off his skills on the champ earlier this year with an impressive one-vs-four play in solo queue.

On his personal stream, CaptainFlowers sometimes casts viewer games to give fans a taste of what it’s like to have their gameplay commentated over. You can watch CaptainFlowers in action shoutcasting viewer games on his stream on Twitch on a semi-daily basis.

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