Caps signs one-year extension with G2, will remain under contract through at least 2023

The star mid laner is adding another year to his existing deal with the European powerhouse.

Photo via Riot Games / Flickr

G2 Esports has signed Caps to a one-year contract extension that will see his existing deal gain an additional year, keeping him under contract with the organization through the end of the 2023 season, according to Riot Games’ Global Contract Database

Caps and the entire G2 League of Legends roster signed extensions in the summer of 2020 that would see them remain under contract with the team through the 2022 season. The mid laner has now extended that by an additional year. G2 declined to comment on the extension.

For the first time in six years, G2 will not attend the World Championship despite making one of the biggest splashes of the offseason in November 2020. 

After a multi-million dollar blockbuster buyout deal that saw its longtime mid laner-turned-AD carry Perkz move to Cloud9, G2 recruited veteran star ADC Rekkles away from Fnatic. Throughout this season, the G2 team performed well in the regular season but struggled to best MAD Lions, Fnatic, and Rogue at various moments in the 2021 Spring and Summer Split playoffs. 

Similar to Rekkles, Caps joined G2 from Fnatic in late 2018 after he helped lead the Fnatic team to a World Championship finals that year. In that move, Caps became the mid laner for G2 and Perkz role swapped to the bottom lane. Eventually, Caps gave ADC a shot in the 2020 Spring Split, but after mediocre results, the team decided to reverse that switch and move him back to the mid lane for the summer. At the 2020 World Championship in China, G2 earned a top-four finish, losing to eventual champion Damwon Gaming in the semifinals.

Caps is a two-time LEC MVP, a one-time Mid-Season Invitational MVP, and a six-time European All-Pro player.

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