Cloud9 finish LCS Spring Super Week with perfect 3-0 record after victory over FlyQuest

Cloud9 have won four out of five games after releasing former head coach LS.

Photo via Riot Games

In the final match of LCS Super Week for both Cloud9 and FlyQuest, it was the red-hot C9 who continued to gain momentum, extending their streak to four consecutive wins. In just 32 minutes, C9 was able to hand FlyQuest their third straight loss to close out the first round-robin of the LCS Spring Split.

C9 and FlyQuest came into today’s game in second and third, respectively. And, with the directions the two teams had been heading as of late, it would have made much more sense, on paper, to see C9—who struggled to find one win last week after making a sudden and dramatic change at the head coach role three weeks into the season—finish Super Week with an 0-3 record instead of the previously red-hot FlyQuest.

Instead, it was FlyQuest who ended the weekend winless. C9 came out on the other end sporting a perfect record of 3-0. Now, C9 finds themselves locked in a tie for first place alongside Team Liquid heading into the second half of the season. 

Cloud9 set the pace throughout the entirety of today’s game, winning a streak of skirmishes to put FlyQuest on the back foot. Eventually, at the 29-minute mark of the game, C9 pushed their advantage to the point where top laner Summit joined a game-defining teamfight in the mid lane that would earn him a quadra kill. From there, Cloud9 obtained a back-breaking Baron buff, and would go on to use their newly acquired pushing power to break down FlyQuest’s Nexus. 

Fueled by a crippling lead in laning phase as well as a massive presence in late-game teamfights, Summit finished with a 7/2/6 scoreline while dealing nearly 28,000 total damage to enemy champions.

Next week, Cloud9 will return to the LCS stage to face Golden Guardians, while FlyQuest looks to course-correct against last-place TSM. Both teams next play on March 5.