A huge Bramble Vest nerf is coming in the next patch to make tanks a little less OP

Say goodbye to the most gold-efficient item in the game.

Image via Riot Games

Some serious nerfs are being dished out to the Bramble Vest, the token item for tanky top laners in the current meta, according to the latest PBE update.

Since the item was introduced during the Midseason Update in April, it’s become a staple among tanky champions. It’s hard to find a game where someone on either team doesn’t build it, and it’s easy to see why. When it comes to usefulness versus how much gold you need to spend, this item is one of the most efficient purchases in League of Legends.

To put it simply, that gold efficiency is about to take a nosedive. Right now, it’s a decent hunk of armor and a ridiculously useful Grievous Wounds passive ability for a mere 900 gold. It can be rushed as one of the first purchases of the game, and suddenly, all those pesky ADCs with lifesteal and healing supports are a lot less useful. The armor is significant enough to counter AD lane opponents in the top lane, too.

Well, the price is getting jacked up from 900 to 1,200 gold. A 300 gold increase is nothing to scoff at. Essentially, it’ll now be much less safe to rush the item, since it’s a larger investment of time and gold now. Not to mention the obvious—if you do decide to still rush a Bramble buy, it’ll take a lot longer. That 300 gold is equal to about three full minion waves, keeping you in lane significantly longer if you want to hold out until you have enough gold to recall.

To compensate for this extreme price hike, the item’s armor stat is being increased a bit from 35 to 40, but we don’t need to explain why five armor isn’t worth 300 gold. There’s no denying it—even with a small armor buff, this is a big fat nerf.

The change should go live with Patch 7.19 in a couple weeks.