BLG remain undefeated in 2022 LPL Spring Split, hand OMG their first loss

BLG knock OMG out of the undefeated club.

Screengrab via LPL

OMG’s three-game win streak in the LPL has been put to an end by Bilibili Gaming, who won in their first bout 2-1 today.

The OMG squad has been an unexpected force so far in the 2022 Spring Split. The same League of Legends team who barely made the playoff cut in the 2021 Summer Split have hovered around the top three in the league until their most recent game.

BLG, on the other hand, have picked up their second win after a messy albeit successful debut against Weibo. Still running Doggo in the main roster in lieu of Uzi, it seems that BLG are fully capable of picking up wins without their star player.

OMG took the lead in this series after a skirmish-heavy game one, playing perfectly around Creme’s Corki by enabling maximum usage of his package. The team took an early advantage off of a Herald pit fight where knockups from both Nautilus and Gargas allowed Creme to clean up the fight.

OMG amassed a 12,000 gold lead by the end of the game, but BLG managed to cut into this massive deficit through isolated picks and marginally winning fights, largely spearheaded by Fofo. Though BLG put up a fight in the mid-to-late game, OMG eventually wore down BLG’s defenses to take the Nexus.

In game two, BLG put an end to OMG’s impressive undefeated streak, handing the team its first individual match loss before ultimately taking the series. Though the second game remained even for a majority of the early phases, BLG pulled away at the 24-minute mark after winning a Baron fight.

Despite Uzi’s looming presence, Doggo acted as BLG’s primary win condition and damage contributor. The ADC made up 29.6 percent of BLG’s damage share and found eight total kills in BLG’s first win.

Unlike many of BLG’s previous wins, the squad started off the final game of the series with an incredibly strong early game. By the 20-minute mark, BLG had built up significant leads across all fronts, leading in kills, gold, and neutral objectives.

Jungler Weiwei only enabled BLG’s snowball in game three as a standout player on Veigo. Boasting a perfect 12/0/14 scoreline, Weiwei and the rest of BLG’s carries shined in their most dominant game of the year so far.

The LPL currently has five undefeated teams, with BLG still firmly among them. BLG’s greatest challenges are only ahead of them, however. The team will face off against RNG and LNG next week.