8 December 2017 - 00:22

Zoe makes her pro debut at All-Stars as Bjergsen dismantles Brazil in the opening game

What's pink, likes donuts, and deals 1,000 damage with one ability at 20 minutes?
Image via Riot Games

This year's League of Legends All Stars tournament started with a bang today as North America's team steamrolled the Brazilian contenders.

The key to their decisive victory was the two-week-old champion, Zoe, played by TSM's Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, and it wasn't even a little close.

Through Zoe's short time in the game, players have been trying out her very unique kit quite a lot. She boasts nearly a 16 percent playrate, according to League stats site Champion.gg, making her one of the most popular champs in the game. Most of the many people playing her, however, aren't nearly as good as a pro player.

Fans have been waiting to see such a high-skill champion used in a professional setting since her release, and today, one of the best mid laners in the region showed her off, and he smashed Brazil's All-Stars team to smithereens with her.

At 20 minutes, just one skill-shot, her Paddle Star, dealt nearly 1,000 damage at max range. Bjergsen manipulated tricky angles to get the most out of the ability, and completely obliterated squishy targets using only one or two shots.

He carried NA to victory in the opening game of the ceremony while simultaneously placing Zoe at the top of the ban priority list for the rest of the event.

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