Bjergsen has only died 5 times in 6 games so far in 2022 LCS Spring Split

He also leads the league in KDA one third of the way through the split.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

The LCS regular season is through its first three weeks and no player has died fewer times in their games played than Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen. Through the first six games of the Spring Split, Bjergsen has died only five times, averaging 0.83 deaths per game one-third of the way through the split. 

After dying twice in Team Liquid’s opening game against 100 Thieves, Bjergsen has only been killed three more times across the next five games of the Spring Split. His death total of five is the lowest among all players in the league, while his KDA of 11.0 is the highest, according to League of Legends stats site Oracle’s Elixir. No other player in the LCS currently holds a KDA in the double digits this split apart from Bjergsen. 

Other players in the race for the LCS’ highest KDA include FlyQuest mid laner Toucouille with a mark of 9.6 and 100 Thieves’ top laner Ssumday at 9.3. 

Among the 23 games Bjergsen has played this season at both the LCS and Academy levels, his most effective champion is Zilean. Bjergsen has played the champion in five games during the Lock In tournament, the LCS regular season, as well as the Academy league’s Spring Split in 2022. He has won all five of those games, posting a combined KDA of 29.0 on the champion this season, according to League stats site Games of Legends

Heading into week four of the LCS Spring Split, Bjergsen and Team Liquid sit in a tie for first place alongside FlyQuest, who both sport records of 5-1 through their first six games. With a “super week” on the horizon to close out the first round robin of the spring, Team Liquid will return to the LCS later today to face off against Golden Guardians.