Bjergsen is the current KDA leader among starting players in the 2022 LCS Lock In

Did you expect anything less from the best?

Photo via Team Liquid

The 2022 LCS Lock In’s quarterfinals were wrapped up over the weekend, with Team Liquid moving on to a semifinal showdown against Team Dignitas next week.

Before the tournament began, however, some fans and analysts showed skepticism around the return of Liquid’s star mid laner Bjergsen after he took a year off to coach. Luckily for the team’s fans, it doesn’t look like the iconic NA veteran has missed a day since he has the highest KDA among full-time starting players in the league.

The 25-year-old has a 19.7 KDA through the entire tournament so far with 18 kills, 41 assists, and only three deaths, according to League of Legends stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. He’s also sporting the fourth-highest kill participation percentage and some of the best early-game stats in his role, showing how active he can be alongside such strong teammates.

Bjergsen is still shaking off the rust from his year-long coaching stint with TSM, but that hasn’t stopped him from picking up some of his iconic champions like Zilean and LeBlanc. He has yet to break out his patented Syndra, which is the most played champion—and his most successful pick—in his career.

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Additionally, his team has continuously swapped players throughout the tournament due to CoreJJ not having his green card yet. As a result, Bjergsen has played with three different versions of Liquid and even stood in for the Academy team. It’ll be hard for Bjergsen to build on-stage experience and synergy with his teammates right now, so once CoreJJ gets full residency, Liquid can set course for LCS domination.

You can watch Bjergsen and the rest of Liquid in action this coming weekend when they clash against Dignitas on Friday, Jan. 28.