Bjergsen, Blaber, and CoreJJ are the last 3 candidates for 2020 LCS Summer Split MVP

Which NA star will pick up the MVP honors for the summer?

Photo by Kevin Haube via Riot Games

The field of candidates for the 2020 LCS Summer Split MVP has been whittled down to three superstar players: TSM’s iconic mid laner Bjergsen, Cloud9’s fiery young jungler Blaber, and Team Liquid’s leading support CoreJJ.

Golden Guardians’ jungler Closer and Liquid’s veteran mid laner Jensen were cut from the possible candidates after having made the top five last week. Both League of Legends players had great seasons but didn’t have the same impact that these three finalists had on their team’s season.

All three players are on winning rosters, even though C9 were recently eliminated from the 2020 Summer Split playoffs by TSM. Throughout this split, Blaber has been one of the most important players on the team. His synergy with Nisqy helped enable the rest of their lanes to succeed, which is why this team dominated for most of the year.

CoreJJ, on the other hand, has been one of the best supports in North America. His ability to guide Liquid to another possible LCS finals berth with a rookie AD carry must be acknowledged. His mechanical play and great decision-making pushed a Liquid roster into first place only a season after they finished in ninth place during the spring.

Lastly, Bjergsen has helped facilitate the resurgence of TSM after multiple years of mediocrity. During multiple games, he’s placed TSM in his backpack and carried them to the finish line. Although he’s always been considered one of the best mid laners in NA, he had to rise to another level to help push an inconsistent TSM squad to where they are today.

All of these finalists are worthy of the MVP award, but many pundits seem to think either CoreJJ or Bjergsen will win it all. Their contributions have kept their respective teams in the playoffs, while Blaber and the rest of C9 faltered near the end of the season and during the playoffs.

The LCS will announce the winner on Friday, Sept. 4.

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