Big changes are coming to Diana on League’s PBE

Rejoice, Diana one-tricks.

Image via Riot Games

Diana is receiving a mini rework on the League of Legends PBE, targeting her kit, visual effects, and ability icons.

Riot game designer Blake “Squad5” Smith detailed Diana’s changes on Twitter, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come for the champion. In addition to adjustments to her passive and overall tuning, her Moonfall (E) and Lunar Rush (R) abilities are set to be swapped. To coincide with this, her new R will be beefed up to look and feel more like an ultimate ability.

It makes perfect sense that Riot has decided to switch Rush over to E. It’s always felt like a gap closer with its short cooldown and minimal damage. The new changes to her kit should give Diana more power and could make her more of a viable pick, especially if her ultimate packs a punch.

When Diana was released in 2012, she was originally intended to be an AP bruiser or jungler. Due to her mishmash of abilities, though, she became a standard AP assassin. She’s also never been a prominent pick in competitive play and has a subpar win rate in solo queue. To combat this, Riot is looking to give Diana more flexibility, while taking her back to her bruiser roots. 

“I’m trying to tread the line of allowing her to do both still,” Squad5 said. “Talking closely to our playtest and SR team + skilled Diana players we have to see what we can do.”

Diana’s VFX, SFX, and ability icons are also getting a makeover. She won’t be receiving a new voiceover, however, and her player model will remain the same.

The full set of changes are expected to available with the release of Patch 9.23.