Best Udyr build in League of Legends

Here's one of the best builds for Udyr in season 10.

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Udyr, the Spirit Walker, is one of the most popular jungle choices in League of Legends.

The champion offers players a unique range of stances as opposed to abilities that will see his basic attacks change in their damage and effects. While he isn’t the strongest champ in the jungle during season 10, he’s still a solid pick and is often used in the lower tiers of the ranked system.

Much like the other champions in League, Udyr will use a range of items tailored to his situation in-game. But there are specific items that players will want to build to increase their chance at success while using Udyr.

Here’s the best Udyr build for League season 10.


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Conqueror: In the tiger stance, Udyr is going to attack at a rapid pace, inflicting impressive damage onto enemy champions. Taking the Conqueror rune means that while Udyr is landing attacks on enemy champions, he’ll be building stacks that once full will grant the champion healing for 15 percent of the damage he deals against champions.

Triumph: Most jungle champions enter a lane to either pursue an enemy or deter them from taking out a turret. Triumph is going to reduce the risk of entering combat against multiple enemies by granting Udyr healing for 12 percent of his missing health after every successful takedown.

Legend: Alacrity: In the jungle, Udyr is going to be doing a lot of farming on monsters while also attempting to gain takedowns on enemy champions in the lanes. Doing either of these things is going to build up legend stacks with the use of the Legend: Alacrity rune. Each stack is going to grant Udyr additional attack speed that’s going to assist him in all aspects of his game.

Coup De Grace: Getting the jump on opponents in the lane will often see them forced to retreat, sometimes getting away on minuscule health. This rune is going to reduce their chances of doing so since it’ll grant Udyr bonus damage against enemy champions that are below 40-percent health. This will help Udyr pick up more kills and apply further pressure on the lanes.


Nimbus Cloak: Since Udyr will often be changing stances regularly to get the activation benefits of specific stances, such as the speed boost when entering bear stance, Nimbus Cloak is going to greatly assist in chasing enemies through a lane. As Udyr activates summoner spells, he’ll be granted an effect to pass through enemy units as well as a movement speed increase. That means that if he chooses to flash into the lane, he’ll be able to immediately get close to the opposing champion regardless of the minions between them.

Celerity: This is another common rune for jungle champions. Celerity is going to increase the mobility of Udyr, allowing him to navigate around the map through the jungle and into the lanes at a faster pace.

Bonuses: +10-percent Attack Speed, +9 Adaptive Force, +6 Armor

Starting items

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Hunter’s Machete

A textbook choice for jungle champions, Hunter’s Machete is a particularly important starting item for Udyr. Without this item, gaining XP and gold in the jungle is made increasingly difficult. On top of the bonus XP and gold this item provides when eliminating jungle camps, Hunter’s Machete also will grant Udyr 10-percent life steal and bonus damage against monsters. This bonus healing is only going to benefit the champion since it allows him to keep farming in the jungle without having to back to base to heal as often.

Refillable Potion

The perfect partner to the Hunter’s Machete, Refillable Potion is another item that assists jungle champions with sustaining inside the jungle. This item will provide Udyr with a potion holding multiple charges that will heal back 125 health once activated. Once the player returns to base, this potion will have its charges refilled and it’ll be ready for use again.

Core Items

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Stalker’s Blade – Warrior

A fully upgraded item stemming from the Hunter’s Machete, this item is going to substantially boost Udyr’s power and jungling ability. The weapon boasts stat increases of 60 attack damage and 10 percent cooldown reduction. This bonus damage is only going to make the champion more dangerous while the cooldown reduction will allow him to change between stances at a faster pace. The passive abilities on this item are where it truly shines, though. The first will see a bonus 10 percent life steal against jungle monsters. On top of this, after obtaining the item, the player will be able to cast smite on enemy champions, stealing 20 percent of their movement speed.

Ninja Tabi

While Udyr is quite mobile at his base, acquiring boots is going to be important for the champion to navigate the map and be available to gank lanes in a time-sensitive manner. Ninja Tabi will grant the champion 45 bonus movement speed as well as 20 armor. These boots are especially effective against AD-based champions since they’ll block 12 percent of the damage Udyr withstands from basic attacks.

Trinity Force

A perfect fit for a champion like Udyr, Trinity Force grants all-around stat increases that are extremely beneficial to AD champions. It boasts 25 attack damage, 40 percent attack speed, 20 percent cooldown reduction, 250 health and mana, and five percent movement speed. This item covers almost all bases and will grant an impressive power increase to Udyr.

Late-game items

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Dead Man’s Plate

This is a good way to increase Udyr’s mobility as well as his health. Dead Man’s Plate will see Udyr gain stacks by moving that will increase his movement speed overall. But once the champion takes damage, he’ll lose this effect. The item also grants stat increases of 425 health and 60 armor. Later in the game, getting Udyr some durability is going to be vital to winning teamfights.

Wit’s End

This item is especially powerful against AP-heavy teams and should be built sooner if that’s the case. Wit’s End will grant Udyr 50 percent attack speed, 50 magic resistance, and five percent movement speed. Since Udyr will often have trouble getting in range of ability-based champions, this item means he’ll be able to take lower damage from abilities as he closes the distance with the bonus movement speed.

Sterak’s Gage

Once the end of the game is near, Udyr will have an impressive amount of AD. Building Sterak’s Gage means that the champion’s basic attacks will deal bonus damage relevant to the amount of AD Udyr has acquired. The item offers multiple durability upgrades, including the 450 bonus health and shield that will activate once Udyr has taken enough damage to activate the item’s fury ability.

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