Best Renata Glasc counters in League of Legends

These are the best picks against the game's new support champion.

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Renata Glasc is the 159th champion to join League of Legends and the first support to be added to the game since Rell in December 2020.

It’s hard to disagree that Renata has a truly unique kit. Her abilities provide her AD carry with poke, shield, attack speed, and can sometimes even bring fallen allies back to life. Renata’s ultimate also introduces a new mechanic to the game in Berserk, which makes enemies attack everything around them.

Renata Glasc has already become one of the toughest support champions to play against in League. But, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are some of the best Renata Glasc counters in League of Legends, according to stats site


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When playing against Renata Glasc, you should aim to pick something equally or even more aggressive with the potential to dish out poke damage. Xerath definitely belongs to this group. And while picking him in the support position may have fallen out of fashion in recent months, he’s perfect again Renata. With his poke damage, you should be able to out-scale the enemy bot lane. Currently, Xerath sits at a 53.5 percent win rate.


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When playing Soraka, your bot lane partner can rely on your healing to stay alive, which is crucial against Renata, especially in the laning phase. Moreover, you will be able to silence the Chem Baroness, which may put your team at an advantage during teamfights. Right now, Soraka boasts a 53.28 percent win rate versus Renata.


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Sona, similar to Soraka, is exceptional when it comes to providing your AD carry with healing while also being incredibly annoying with her poke damage. Her Crescendo (R) is also one of the best support ultimates in the game, and when used correctly, can be a turning point in teamfights. Right now, Sona has a 53 percent win rate against Renata Glasc.


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With Taric’s Cosmic Radiance (R), you have one of the best counters to Renata. Timing it right will be difficult, though, so it may take you some practice. But Taric’s ultimate isn’t the only reason why he’s an impressive pick against the new support. With his heal, shield, and stun, you have everything you need to make it through the laning phase unharmed. Currently, Taric has a 52.8 percent win rate against Renata Glasc.


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While Zyra doesn’t have any abilities that directly boost her allies’ stats, she’s a great bully in lane and has numerous zoning skills. Her kit allows players to control the first minutes of the laning phase. Later on, she becomes a key factor in teamfights, thanks to her ultimate, which can zone Renata and other immobile champions. Right now, Zyra has a 52.44 win rate versus Renata.

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