Best plays from League of Legends All-Star events

Here are the five most entertaining plays from previous All-Star events.

Photo via Riot Games

Next month, League of Legends fans will get to enjoy another edition of the annual All-Star event. Pros, streamers, and other League personalities from all regions will participate in a number of events over three days. From the one-vs-one tournament to regional showdowns, the 2019 All-Star event will be full of fun and unique plays.

Pros surprise us each year with their creativity and skill in an environment that’s different from their standard competitive setting. From Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok picking Henrik “Froggen” Hansen’s signature Anivia to fight him one-vs-one to minions winning a game against Team China in Korea’s favor, previous All-Star events have a lot of moments worth remembering.

Here are the five most entertaining plays from previous League All-Star events.

5) Team Fire vs. Team Ice, 2015

The One For All showmatch during All-Stars 2015 placed 10 Blitzcranks on Summoner’s Rift. The match was chaotic from the first minute, with grabs and Blitzcranks flying all around. This fun match was eventually taken by Fire Blitzcranks, who had more precise grabs and were quicker on the silences.

4) Faker vs. Froggen, 2015

In 2015, everyone knew Anivia was Froggen’s champion. But Faker took it upon himself to challenge Froggen in an Anivia one-vs-one mirror match—and it cost him the win. Both players were so skilled that the game went on for longer than 10 minutes, though, and no one ended up getting killed. Froggen won by taking 100 CS first.

3) Team China vs. Team North America, 2017

The regional showmatch between Team NA and Team China in 2017 resulted in one of the most amazing quadra kill outplays in competitive history. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell pushed Team China into a corner of the Baron pit, which allowed Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s Jhin to pick them off one by one while staying alive in the middle of the fire.

2) Froggen vs. Doublelift, 2015

If you want to talk about a hilarious one-vs-one match, this is the one. When Froggen and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng faced off in 2015, Doublelift’s Twitch didn’t have to do much to win. He baited Froggen’s Olaf to dash toward him using a snowball while recalling, pulling him to Doublelift’s base. And Froggen fell for it twice.

1) Team Korea vs. Team China, 2017

What’s the most embarrassing way to lose a game? Having your Nexus finished by minions while you’re not paying attention and pushing the mid lane. Now imagine pros making the same mistake because that’s exactly what happened when Team Korea’s minions took the win against China in 2017.