Best Miss Fortune counters in League of Legends

Stop bullet time in its tracks.

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Ever since she strutted onto the Summoner’s Rift in 2010, Miss Fortune has become a staple champion for many League of Legends AD carries and supports around the world. Runeterra’s favorite bounty hunter brings a whole cascade of damage in her kit that can instantly burst down an unwary enemy team with ease.

If you find yourself at the wrong end of Miss Fortune’s barrels, there are a few champions that can dodge and weave out of harm’s way.

From outranging her various attacks to staying mobile during teamfights, plenty of picks are available so you can win the gunfight against the Queen of Bilgewater.

Here are the best Miss Fortune counters in League.


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Caitlyn’s place against Miss Fortune will depend on how well a player can take advantage once the Bounty Hunter uses her cooldowns. With a vastly superior range difference, the Sheriff of Piltover can stay aggressive once Miss Fortune uses her Make It Rain or Double Up abilities, since that is a majority of her self-peel and damage.


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Draven will always win a duel against Miss Fortune, and if he has a good engage champion beside him, Miss Fortune will always have a tough time battling him without help from her jungler or crowd control from her support. He has so much damage with his empowered axes, and he can also displace MF from her ultimate ability with a single Stand Aside cast. He can become extremely speedy with Blood Rush, giving him a perfect tool to close the gap once Fortune’s abilities are on cooldown.


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Samira is such a hard champion to lock down, since she can dash around the battle with Wild Rush and avoid a ton of Miss Fortune’s damage. She also has her Blade Whirl ability that can negate the damage from Miss Fortune’s auto-attacks, empowered Q, and even her Bullet Time. The Desert Rose has so much kill potential that she and her support can burst down Miss Fortune right after she uses her skills.


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In a similar way, Nilah’s overall slipperiness allows players to dodge and dive away from Miss Fortune’s initial wave of all-in damage. Whether she dashes away with her Slipstream or pops her Jubilant Veil to avoid her Make It Rain, Nilah has plenty of tools to get in close and personal for the kill. She even has her ultimate ability, Apotheosis, to displace Miss Fortune when she channels her Bullet Time.


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Like Draven, Vayne dominates Miss Fortune in 2v2 duels, and should be a great choice for anyone who wants to mechanically outplay their opponent. The Night Hunter also has a knockback that can displace and cancel Miss Fortune when she activates her Bullet Time, making her a great counter-pick. Vayne can also go invisible when in her ultimate ability, making her even tougher to keep track of in a teamfight.