Best Ezreal build in League of Legends

These items and runes are ideal for Ezreal.

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When it comes to AD carries in League of Legends, only a few of them are as iconic as Ezreal. The Prodigal Explorer has been in the game since 2010 and has cemented himself as one of the better marksmen for both newer and more experienced players.

His unique kit allows players who are just starting their adventure with League to explore what it means to play ADC. With his set of skills, he’s one of the better champions to start playing the game with. But make no mistake, Ezreal possesses a high ceiling and mastering him isn’t an easy task. Rather, it’s one that demands a deep understanding of macro and perfect mechanical skills.

Here’s the best build for Ezreal in League right now.


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Conqueror: For many champions that rely on spamming auto attacks and low-cooldown abilities, Conqueror is the best main rune to go for. That’s the case with Ezreal. On this champion, you aim to collectively use your W, Q, and auto attacks to shred through enemies’ health. With this rune, you’ll gain additional damage with every single attack and will heal once it’s fully stacked, which will come in handy considering that there usually isn’t much lifesteal in your build.

Presence of Mind: The champions in League who depend on using their abilities all the time oftentimes suffer from mana shortage. Presence of Mind is a rune that will try to boost this resource while you’re attacking and eliminating opponents.

Legend: Bloodline: This is a rune that will improve your lifesteal, which, as we mentioned earlier, won’t be a stat that you will be aiming for in your item build. Every takedown on an enemy increases your lifesteal, and when it’s fully stacked, you’ll be gifted an additional 100 health.

Coup de Grace: While Ezreal can devour mana, which usually hurts him in the early game, he still can engage in skirmishes in the first minutes of certain matches. Thus, to increase your early damage in one-vs-one or two-vs-two situations, it’s great to pick Coup de Grace, which makes you deal more damage to rivals with low HP.


Transcendence: This rune is often picked on scaling champs, and with Ezreal being one of them, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You gain ability haste throughout the game, which lowers the cooldowns of your abilities even more.

Gathering Storm: The reasoning behind Gathering Storm is similar to the other rune in this tree. It’s amazing for scaling champions, providing you with free adaptive force throughout the course of the game.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

Starting items

Doran’s Blade

Providing yourself with some attack damage and omnivamp is pivotal for Ezreal early in the game. What’s more, the item grants you 80 health, so you’ll be just a little tankier during the laning phase.

Health Potion

At the beginning of the game, every lane could be ganked by the enemy jungler, including yours. When you survive a gank, it’s best to have a health potion so you don’t have to back instantly and possibly lose some waves. The item is also helpful if you get into some early trading because it will get you back up on your feet.

Core items

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Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver is one of the most important items on the Prodigal Explorer. First, it increases your major statistics (attack damage, critical strike chance, and ability haste). The key advantage it grants Ezreal is its unique ability, which will make players deal additional damage with their auto attacks after they’ve used a skill. And since this champion is all about using your Mystic Shot (Q) whenever it’s off cooldown, Essence Reaver can do wonders on Ezreal.


Manamune is another essential item in every Ezreal build. By your first return to the base, your best option is to purchase a Tear of the Goddess, which will start increasing your mana, and Sheen. The former is then used in building Manamune, which gives you a tremendous amount of mana, as well as boosting your attack damage and ability haste by 35 and 15, respectively. Last but not least, it gives the champion AD based on your maximum mana, which makes it key for every build on this champion.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

On the Prodigal Explorer, there are simply no better options when it comes to boots. While on most AD carries it’s more useful to pick Berserker Greaves, on Ezreal, one of the pivotal statistics is ability haste so you can make greater use of your kit. These boots also lower the cooldowns on your summoner spells by a bit.

Divine Sunderer

On most champions in the game, the Mythic item is usually built first. But that’s not a necessity on Ezreal. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t have one. While there are a few viable options, which we’ll talk more about later, Divine Sunderer fits the champion best on most occasions.

It perfectly fits alongside Essence Reaver since it has a similar passive that will enhance the power of your auto attack after using an ability. What’s more, it provides players with five-percent armor penetration and magic penetration on other legendary items, which is going to help you deal with tanks and bruisers more rapidly.

Late-game items

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Serylda’s Grudge

Think about Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, but for AD-based champions. That’s Serylda’s Grudge, in short. For individuals like Ezreal, it’s one of the better items in the game. It gives you 45 attack damage, 30-percent armor penetration, and 20 ability haste. It also makes your damaging abilities slow opponents by 30 percent for one second. This is an incredibly important item in the late game.

Ravenous Hydra

Usually, to finish your build, players will look for something that will boost their damage even more and turn them into a deadly weapon on Summoner’s Rift or think about something that will increase their survivability. In most cases, when playing the Prodigal Explorer, the former option is just better.

With Ezreal’s abilities, you should have enough options to dodge abilities and enemy champions. Your job is solely to stay in the backline and wreak havoc on whoever is in range. Therefore, Ravenous Hydra, which grants you 65 attack damage, 20 ability haste, 10-percent omnivamp, and turns your attacks into AoE damage of some kind, is a perfect choice to finalize your build.


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Trinity Force

Earlier, we mentioned that there are a few reasonable picks for Ezreal’s Mythic item. Trinity Force is one of them. In comparison to Divine Sunderer, this option won’t make you that dangerous against tanks, bruisers, and assassins, who are common in today’s meta. If you’re looking for something balanced that, at the same time, will grant you some mobility, Trinity Force is the way to go.

Duskblade of Draktharr

On the other hand, when you’re playing against a composition that is incredibly squishy, it’s not terrible to pick Duskblade of Draktharr as your Mythic item. Instead of armor and magic pen, it influences your ability haste and makes your basic attacks after using an ability even more deadly. It’s a perfect choice for Ezreal in many scenarios.

Frozen Heart

Sometimes in League, you just need some extra survivability. In today’s meta, there are a lot of AD-based champions that are on top of the list of most picked champs. So boosting your armor, mana, and ability haste is, in some cases, smart. Frozen Heart also releases an aura around you, which lowers the attack speed of enemy champions near your position. So if you find yourself looking for sustain against assassin mid laners or junglers, this item can do wonders.

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is an interesting item nowadays. It’s not essential for almost any champion, but it’s viable for many, including Ezreal. It should be picked in games when you expect to focus on auto attacks since it boosts your attack speed and gives you lifesteal. Like Frozen Heart, it’s helpful against assassins and bruisers, since with Blade of the Ruined King, you will steal some movement speed as well after you hit an enemy three times within six seconds.

Maw of Malmortius

If you often find yourself in a match against a heavy ability power-based composition, just grab Maw of Malmortius. This item is known in League for being the first choice when playing AD bruisers, AD carries, and other champions that rely on attack damage. It improves this key stat by 50, simultaneously granting you 50 magic resistance and 15 ability haste.

But, most importantly, this item has become well-known for giving its users a shield against magic damage once their health drops below 30 percent.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is an item that will never go out of fashion, especially on marksmen, no matter the current meta. With 40 points of armor and attack damage, you’re increasing your major statistics on the Prodigal Explorer. Secondly, and more importantly, with GA, you’re basically giving yourself a second life every five minutes. And despite Ezreal being so mobile, enemies still might have plenty of ways to catch you. In many of those situations, it’s great to have something to bring you back to action in the blink of an eye.

Silvermere Dawn

Oftentimes when facing AP-based champions, you’ll also be playing against enemies with a bunch of crowd control tools under their belt. If you’re looking for something that allows you to get rid of such types of debuffs, it’s sensible to pick Silvermere Dawn. This item’s unique active skill will remove all crowd control mechanisms on Ezreal (except Airborne). This mace also increases your attack damage, health, and magic resistance, so it comes with a fair amount of key stats.

Chempunk Chainsword

If the enemy team has a lot of healing mechanisms and you’re looking for ways to decrease their effectiveness, Chempunk Chainsword is the way to go. This item makes your physical damage-based attacks imply Grievous Wounds on enemies you hit. In today’s meta, where champions like Soraka and Sona are popular, it’s worth remembering about the existence of this item.