Artist creates amazing Cosmic Emperor Pantheon and Abyssal Star Aatrox skins for a fan-made 2019 Versus event

The rivalry between Pantheon and Aatrox is headed to the stars.

Image via Noah Thatcher

Noah Thatcher, a talented illustrator, has created a fan-made 2019 Versus event between Aatrox and the reworked Pantheon where both League of Legends champions are battling for control over the cosmos in two new beautiful Event Horizon skin concepts.

In Pantheon’s updated lore, Atreus was a man who was taken over by the Aspect of War. Although Aatrox killed the Aspect, the human Atreus survived but retained all of the Aspect’s power. This threw Aatrox and Pantheon into a perpetual feud that’s now spilled into a battle for the universe in this 2019 Versus event mockup.

Image via Noah Thatcher

There are stark differences between Cosmic Emperor Pantheon and Abyssal Star Aatrox. Cosmic Emperor Pantheon is colored in blue with an elegant spear and shield in his hands. Abyssal Star Aatrox is emitting a menacing red glow, armed with a giant red sword with a black hole in his chest.

You can also see the skin and flesh underneath Pantheon’s armor, while Aatrox is made of dark energy and even has a black hole in the sword he wields and in his hand. They all provide a nice contrast to show that Pantheon wants to defend the civilizations of the stars, while Aatrox is here to destroy it all.

Image via Noah Thatcher

Many people in the League community have praised Thatcher for his work and the immense amount of time this must have required. There are also other people who are calling for Riot Games to hire him because his art is of the same quality as official Riot splash designs.

It’s hard not to agree with the masses on this one. This is one event that could be a big hit with the player base.