Artist creates beautiful High Noon Senna skin concept

The Redeemer hits the Old West.

Image via Vincent Tran

If you’ve ever wondered how Senna would look if she joined her husband in the Wild Wild West, look no further. Artist Vincent Tran has drawn up two beautiful pieces of art imagining the Redeemer as part of the High Noon skin universe.

The skin matches the cosmetic line perfectly, with Senna garbed in a traditional cowboy hat, long boots, and cape. Like Lucian, one of her arms is glowing red and white with magma-like energy. Her eyes are also glowing in the splash art that Tran made.

Her weapon might be the most impressive part of the entire concept art: Her giant cannon has been transformed into a demon slaying weapon of epic proportions. It even has a small cylindrical chamber that’s similar to a revolver but larger in scale. The gun also has flames spewing from the hammer and the barrel.

If Senna did join the High Noon skin line, she would have to be a legendary skin to provide the champion with new voice lines and animations. Her interactions with the other characters in the skin line—like Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot—could all be really unique to listen to.

This skin is actually quite possible since Senna has yet to receive a skin alongside her husband. It could be one of many duo skins that the couple receives, should Riot Games decide to go on that path.