Aphelios player gets a nasty one-shot quadra kill

The upcoming nerfs in Patch 9.24b could lower his ultimate's effectiveness.

Image via Riot Games

There have been plenty of League of Legends champions that have been relatively overtuned on release. But one player showed earlier today that Aphelios is incredibly broken on the live servers by taking down an entire team with just his ultimate ability.

In the clip, viewers can see that Aphelios’ team is far ahead of their opponents. As the blue team prepared to siege up in the mid lane, Aphelios suddenly hit all four of his enemies with his ultimate, Moonlight Vigil. He must have been very strong at this point because the resulting auto attacks that fell upon the team ended up one-shotting them from practically full health.

The League community was stunned at what happened in this clip, which prompted many to ask how this was even possible. Some users said that although the Aphelios was already ahead, a champion shouldn’t be able to use just one button to take down an entire team at 100 percent HP. This kind of power prevents any counterplay from happening.

The problem stemmed from the second part of his ultimate, which rains basic attacks from Aphelios’ main weapon onto whichever opposing champions were hit by the bomb. The Infernum weapon—which was equipped in the video—caused the initial blast to deal an additional 150 damage, plus 40 percent bonus AD physical damage. The raining auto attacks then splashed in a circle around each enemy—and the circles can overlap damage.

If you’re worried about facing this menace, you might not need to think too hard about it after Patch 9.24b. The Infernum ultimate damage scaling and effect radius is being nerfed significantly. These changes should help balance out Aphelios’ damage for the future and prevent such situations from happening again.