AP Varus one-shots beefy Cho’gath in an ARAM game

Not a single tank can withstand the might of AP Varus.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends player decided to test out the infamous AP Varus build in an ARAM game–and managed to obliterate a tank at the press of a button.

In the clip shared by the player earlier today, he used Varus’ huge AP ratios to one-shot the opposing Cho’gath with more than 5,000 health. The enemy quickly retreated following their frontliner’s death and gave Varus’ team another chance to win the match.

The damage took everyone by surprise since Varus’ Q did more than 4,000 damage with one hit on the tanky Cho’gath. While the damage seems absurd at the start, Varus has huge AP ratios which prompted this huge number.

The main reason why Varus was able to do so much damage was his passive from Blighted Quiver (W). Every autoattack or ultimate can apply Blight stacks, which can be detonated with other abilities for five percent of maximum health plus two percent for every 100 AP.

With Varus having more than 700 AP in the clip, the Blight base damage was calculated up to 60 percent maximum health. This damage was enhanced by the fully charged Piercing Arrow (Q), which increases Blight’s damage by up to 50 percent. After taking into consideration his other items, effects and resistances, the total damage was more than enough to take down the Cho’Gath.

While this tactic might work in ARAM with the mode’s pace and innate multipliers, it’s nearly impossible to replicate on the Rift.

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