Artist behind new Evelynn splash art reveals alternative art options

The artist gave a behind-the-scenes look into how League splash art is created.

Image via Riot Games

Evelynn went through a few different splash art designs before Riot Games landed on her current mostly-naked self.

Jessica Oyhenart, the artist behind the new Evelynn splash art, revealed the process behind it on her ArtStation account, as well as some rejected concepts of the champion.

It’s easy to see the direction that Riot was going for with the champion, choosing to have her in poses that reflect her succubus nature.

Oyhenart goes into great detail showcasing just how the splash art was made from start to finish, showing how it started as a simple colored image and transforms into a full-blown masterpiece.

During the process, a lot of small details were added and then removed from the splash art to add to the overall atmosphere. Originally, the piece had a crown on the bed, which was replaced by a chalice of wine, and the king that appears in the background was only put into the art during the final few revisions.

This isn’t the first splash art that Oyhenart has made for Riot Games, having worked on pieces in the past, such as the updated Cheetah Nidalee and Sakura Karma splash arts.

Evelynn’s rework is expected to hit the PBE sometime soon, giving fans the chance to test out her new abilities and looks, after Riot Games teased what to expect on social media a few days ago.

Now it’s just a matter of time until the world gets to see the new Evelynn in action.