All Legendary Weapons in Ruined King

Six lethal weapons and a fishing rod, and they all have one thing in common.

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Riot Games and Riot Forge released Ruined King: A League of Legends Story on Nov. 16, and those who started playing the turn-based role-playing game at launch are starting to reach the end of the story. Various quests in Ruined King don’t affect the story directly, but they offer priceless loot that will ease the players’ way through the game. Among those, there are the legendary weapon quests. 

Every playable champion in Ruined King has their own legendary weapon, for a total of six legendary weapons in the game, plus the legendary fishing gear. Players will need to complete quests and obtain three specific items to forge the legendary weapons. 

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To start the main quest, players will have to pass through Thresh’s Dungeon and reach the Library of Agony, where they’ll find the Arcane Forge and Atheneum, containing books with the recipe to craft each legendary weapon in the game. 

Be careful, though. Some items used to forge legendary weapons are given by monsters on kill, but these enemies can only be found once. So if you have already engaged and escaped from that specific fight, there is no way to recover the item they would have dropped unless you revert to a save before the fight or restart the game from scratch. 

Illaoi’s Heart of the Goddess

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A legendary weapon worthy of the Goddess Nagakabourous herself, the ultimate weapon the Kraken Priestess can wield is obtained through various quests and puzzles in the game. Players will need to find the “essence of the serpent”, “an object trapped in the past,” and a “relic that protects life” to forge Illaoi’s legendary weapon. 

Yasuo’s Stormrazor

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A blade containing a storm is a perfect weapon for the Unforgiven who wields the air itself.
The Stormrazor, which also appears in League, is Yasuo’s legendary weapon in the Ruined King game. To obtain it, players need to find three objects: the Effigy of the Wind Goddess, a Whisker of the Wind’s Fury, and some Maple Seeds. Some items can be found only after unlocking Windrake Isle, essential to Yasuo’s story in the game.

Braum and Ornn’s Will

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Forged in the fire of the Freljordian demigod himself, Ornn’s Will is a powerful shield that only the purest of heart can wield. Braum’s legendary weapon recalls the lore of the champion’s region and brings some of the Freljord weapons in Bilgewater. This legendary weapon is easier to obtain compared to others because players can find two of the items needed to forge it just by following the main story. However, if a player doesn’t pick the items up or avoids the enemy who would drop them, the item will be lost. The three items required to forge Braum’s legendary weapon are the Enormous Charged Crystal, a Volcanic Hearthblood Door, and Braum’s Freljordian Shield, which was lost at sea at the beginning of the story.

Captain Fortune and Queen’s Council

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Sarah Fortune became Queen of Bilgewater after defeating Gangplank, the man who reigned over the Lawless Port City and the one who killed her mother, Abigale.

Miss Fortune’s mother hid her greatest creation all over Bilgewater, leaving her daughter with the task to retrieve the blueprints for the legendary weapon, the Queen’s Council pistols. To forge this legendary weapon, Volcanic Gun Barrels are required, along with “gunpowder worthy of its craftsmanship” and a Custom Trigger.

Pyke’s Duskblade of Draktharr

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Feeding on shadows to empower its strikes, Pyke’s legendary weapon is another item that appears in Ruined King and League. The Duskblade of Draktharr is the perfect blade for the Bloodharbor Ripper. To craft this deadly blade, players will need to use all of Pyke’s stealth abilities to retrieve a Serrated Dagger of the Order of the Shadow and an “Inexhaustible source of Shadow Power.” They will also need to buy Caulfield’s Warhammer.

Ahri’s Oblivion Orb

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Ahri’s legendary weapon is an orb capable of feeding the soul of the wielder. The Oblivion Orb is the product of an ingenious craftsman, probably someone from the Vestani’s tribe. It can be forged by bringing together the Icefox Token, the Foxfire Token, and the Midnight fox Token. 

The Mechanical Catching Apparatus

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Last but not least, there’s one more legendary “weapon” that can be wielded by every playable champion and can be as deadly as the others: the legendary fishing rod. This weapon cannot be crafted and can only be bought in Bilgewater’s Black Market by using Black Marks as coins. Pair this legendary “weapon” with the legendary lure and you’ll be able to “catch them all.”