Alistar players pull off level one tower dive in One for All game

One player messed with the bull and very quickly got the horns.

Image via Riot Games

Five Alistar players pulled off a masterful tower dive in League of Legends’ One for All game mode, securing a creative kill in the process. 

In a clip posted earlier today, five Alistar players managed to combine their efforts and successfully pull off a textbook “bait and switch” strategy on the enemy Vladimir by way of a level one tower dive. 

At first, one of the Alistar players, who appropriately sported the Summoner name “turbo inting,” walked in range of the top lane outer tower and casually took three shots to the chest. This audacious move gave one of their teammates enough time to circle around the top lane and flank the opposing Vladimir player, using Headbutt (W) to take tower aggro and push the enemy player into a herd of Alistars ready to continue the chain of knock-ups. 

From there, the other four Alistar players all used Pulverize (Q) to keep the Vladimir player in the air, while “turbo inting,” who only had about 40 HP to their name, even flashed back into the mix to keep the chain of crowd control alive and well before eventually securing the kill with an auto attack.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about this play, though, is how much health the group of Alistar players restored after the encounter had come to a close. Because each of them triggered Triumphant Roar (P) after the takedown, all five players healed for about 400 HP after the fight from one proc of the passive.

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