Akali, Aatrox, and Irelia changes highlight League of Legends Patch 9.3

Twilight Shroud is finally getting adjusted

Image via Riot Games

Five League of Legends champions will see adjustments to help control their dominance in the current game when Patch 9.3 arrives early Wednesday morning. Aatrox, Akali, Camille, Cassiopeia, and Irelia are on Riot Games’ chopping block for the patch for this week’s list of balance changes.

Both Aatrox’s base health regen and health regen growth will be increased, while the Darkin Blade’s Umbral Dash (E) will lose its healing against non-champions. Riot also removed Aatrox’s ability to store a charge on his E and significantly increased the cooldown on the ability, although it is now reduced by cooldown reduction.

Perhaps the most notable of the changes is the removal of stealth under turrets on Akali’s Twilight Shroud (W). This ability provided Akali an large outplay potential, allowing her to weave in and out of turret aggro relatively unscathed while diving her lane opponent. The shroud will also see an increase in cooldown after the first level. Likewise, Akali’s heal on her Five Point Strike (Q) has been removed, although the assassin received an increase in her base health regen.

Camille received minor changes to her jungling capabilities. The Steel Shadow can no longer stun minions or monsters on her Hookshot (E), which could result in the champion’s priority returning to the top lane.

Cassiopeia received minor changes to her Noxious Blast (Q) and Miasma (W), decreasing the damage with both abilities at later stages in the game. The mage’s Q will have a slightly increased ability power ratio, whereas her W will now see an increase in mana cost while doing less damage per second.

Lastly, Irelia received a follow-up to Patch 9.2 and will see increases to her base health growth and armor. Her passive Ionian Fever has been addressed to “reduce the burstiness of her initiation combos,” while her Bladesurge (Q) and Defiant Dance (W) will see an increase in damage to minions and in damage reduction, respectively.

Patch 9.3 will see changes to marksmen in addition to two new skins for Fiora and Vi in celebration of Valentine’s Day.