A mysterious song can be heard in the Chinese League client, possibly the next Worlds song

Will we get another hit like "Phoenix?"

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans started hearing a mysterious song in the Chinese client today. The new song is reportedly on auto-play for all summoners who log in to the Chinese client, according to LPL journalist Ran.

The lyrics hint toward a fight and it has a similar feel to it like previous World Championship songs, such as “Rise,” “Phoenix,” and “Awaken.”

While it’s unclear whether this is the official 2020 Worlds song, yesterday there was some speculation that a potential upcoming League champion named Seraphine could be behind this. Based on the leaks from streamer Streamie, Seraphine could be a musical mid lane mage and might be a part of League’s next music group, like KDA or True Damage.

The alleged champion already has a SoundCloud page, where there’s one song with a similar voice to the one that’s heard in the Chinese client.

This either seems like a mistake on Riot’s part by releasing the song somehow in the League client or a teaser for the potential upcoming champion, Seraphine.

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