A battered Ezreal is saved by Fiora in latest Pulsefire short story

He gets one last time jump to make things right.

Image via Riot Games

Ezreal is alive and well in the latest part of Riot Games’ “Out of Time” short story. But he wakes to find himself in the belly of the beast—the Remembrancer’s Citadel.

When we last saw the Prodigal Explorer, he went head-to-head with Pantheon with a destroyed world as a backdrop. The Remembrancer tried to explain to Ezreal that his actions caused the dystopia. After a brief scuffle, Ez managed to get away using his broken suit’s time jump and landed straight into the enemy’s hands.

Image via Riot Games

Battered and feeling like he’s been “thrown in the wash and tumbled dry,” Ezreal woke up to a concerned Fiora cradling his head. The duelist began to explain that the Praetorian swarm is closing and a mysterious “he” is closing in on them and that they must hurry. But she quickly discovers that his Ezreal is “not our Ezreal.”

Ezreal immediately corrects her.

“Listen, lady, I’m nobody’s Ezreal but Ezreal’s Ezreal,” he says.

The explorer attempts to forcibly take Fiora’s Pulsefire core but his beat-up suit doesn’t corroborate. Rather than kill Ezreal, however, Fiora simply comments on how “insufferable” the Ezreal “from the past” was. This likely hints that Ezreal eventually joins the Remembrancers in the future since the “other” Ezreal is arriving shortly.

She then fixes Ezreal’s Pulsefire core and gives him the means to escape—one last time jump.

With no other options, Ezreal boots up his suit and creates a portal.

“Time to pay a visit to Ekko,” he says.