9 November 2017 - 18:47

5 creative new rune pages to try out in the preseason

All the way from Smite Blitzcrank to Wombo Combo Galio, there are thousands of options.
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Runes Reforged has been live for a whole day in League of Legends, and we've had time to try out tons of new rune page builds.

While everyone else has been playing Kleptomancy Gangplank and Fastest Nasus, we've been theorycrafting and testing other effective builds, and we've compiled a list of our favorites. It was hard to choose, since there are literally thousands of possible rune page combinations in the new system, but these five worked out extremely well, and, more importantly, they were really fun.

1) Zoom Zoom Evelynn

Jax has several impressive rune combinations at his disposal, whether you want to go the Electrocution route, the Aftershock Route, or something else. The one we've found to be the most fun is the Press the Attack page, which gives Jax nothing but delicious damage. Jax is a late-game hyper carry that excels in longer skirmishes where he can get more basic attacks on his victims. With Press the Attack, each hit after the first three gives Jax an enormous damage spike. With Coup De Grace and Absolute Focus, he gets two more sizable damage spikes.

Legend: Alacrity and Gathering Storm help him to scale impossibly well into the late-game, working together with his passive and large item spikes to turn him into an absolute monster. Overheal is the most useless rune on the page, and can be swapped with Triumph if you prefer it. This build also works quite well on Yasuo, Fiora, and Tryndamere.

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