4 Rogue players are in the LEC’s top 10 for KDA after week 4 of 2020 Summer Split

The young guns of Europe are here to dominate.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

There are several surprising names manning the top 10 for KDA in Europe after four weeks of the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Rogue, for example, are tied for first place in the LEC and have four players in the top 10. Support player Vander leads the league with a 13.3 KDA. Mid laner Larssen is sitting in fifth with a 7.4 KDA, while jungler Inspired has a 7.1 KDA and Hans Sama has a 5.9 KDA.

But MAD Lions won’t be outdone by their rivals at the top of the regular-season standings. The young pride of Europe has risen up to take over the LEC and their stats help support their claim as one of the best teams in Europe.

Support Kaiser is in second with a 9.9 KDA. Top laner Orome is in seventh with a 6.3 KDA, while jungler Shad0w sits in tenth place with a 5.5 KDA. As a team, MAD Lions have the third-lowest death count of any roster in the league.

As of week four, MAD Lions and Rogue both have a 7-2 record and have already picked up big wins against teams like Fnatic and Origen. The only team that they both haven’t gotten wins against is G2 Esports. But each roster looks poised to make a name for itself in the second of half of the season.

There are also some familiar faces scattered around the top 10 as well, including Fnatic’s Rekkles, Origen’s Upset, and Misfits’ Kobbe. There are, surprisingly, no G2 players in the top 10 for KDA. Perkz and Caps sit right on the cusp, though—the former has a 5.0 KDA, while the latter has a 4.8 KDA.

The LEC returns on Friday, July 17 at 11am CT.