3 Yorick ghouls take down Cloud Drake with no assistance in League solo queue game

Have you ever soloed an objective without even being near it?

Image via Riot Games

Soloing the dragon in League of Legends is a late-game strategy usually considered only possible by extremely fed champions. In one clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Yorick player redefined the rules of “soloing” objectives when they sicced their ghouls on the dragon, allowing the minions to easily take down the objective without much of a challenge at all. 

In the clip posted to the League subreddit, the Yorick player used three of their ghouls to solo a Cloud Drake. The Yorick player approached the dragon and used Mourning Mist (E) to throw his ghouls on the dragon before walking away completely and letting the minions take care of the objective themselves. 

The encounter wasn’t difficult at all for the Mist Walkers. The ghouls passively take 50 percent damage from all monsters, meaning they’re particularly tanky against neutral enemies like the dragon. 

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Throughout the course of the clip, which was posted at double speed, not one of the ghouls died to the dragon, while only one of them dropped below 50 percent of its total health. Yorick’s ghouls have a base health of 212 at level 18, plus 20 percent of Yorick’s maximum HP. 

Judging by the Yorick player’s op.gg page, the game in which this occurred was an outright stomp, with the Yorick player finishing the contest with a score of 10/1/1. It was confirmed in the video that the Yorick player was level 18 and they had Lethality items in their build, such as Eclipse and Umbral Glaive. 

While Yorick’s Mist Walkers were clearing out a neutral objective, the rest of Yorick’s team was cleaning up the eventual game-winning teamfight. Just 13 seconds after the Cloud Drake was taken down by Yorick’s ghouls, the game ended.