100 Thieves’ win streak ends after impressive performance from FlyQuest in LCS Summer Split

Nothing like a good upset.

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100 Thieves win streak came to an end today, as FlyQuest pulled off the upset victory to end their own four-game loss streak in week eight of the LCS 2022 Summer Split.

Both FlyQuest and 100T entered today’s match against each other on different trajectories to close out the LCS 2022 Summer Split. FlyQuest not only looked to end a four-game losing streak, but were also battling to secure their spot in the Summer Split playoffs. Meanwhile, it’s been nothing but dominance from the side of 100 Thieves, who came into today’s match looking to extend their seven-game win streak to eight and match Evil Geniuses at 13-3 in the regular season. 

Things began slowly for both FlyQuest and 100T, as the two teams used the early game to SC and scale up for the later stages of the game.

It was not until the 12-minute mark that FlyQuest attempted to make a play around bot side, but 100 Thieves were able to disengage their advances to stop a potential first turret grab from FlyQuest. The stalemate continued for seven more minutes until FlyQuest dealt the first major blow of the game after two successful picks onto Ssumday and Abbedagge to increase their gold lead to 5k at the 20-minute mark. 

100T struggled to match up to FlyQuest’s stronger mid-game composition and were on the precipice of defeat as FlyQuest reached the doorstep of 100T’s Nexus. 100T were able to sneak a Baron under FlyQuest’s noses to stall out the game, and the team looked to continue the stalling tactic to reach their late-game power spikes. 

However, the comeback was not meant to be, as FlyQuest closed things out with a successful teamfight around Baron pit at the 39-minute mark to secure the game to put a stop to 100 Thieves’ win streak.

This loss puts 100T at 12-4, good for second place in the Summer Split regular season standings behind Evil Geniuses. The Spring Split finalists will look to end the season on a strong note when they will take on CLG and Liquid to close out the LCS super week.

As for FlyQuest, they now find themselves at 8-9 in the Summer Split, and now maintain an even stronger hold of sixth place with a three-game lead over TSM. FlyQuest will look to end their LCS 2022 Summer Split campaign on a high against Immortals and TSM.


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