100 Thieves jungler Amazing is exploring options for the 2020 season

“I enjoyed my time there… I always felt supported.”

Photo via Riot Games

After a disheartening 8-11 season, German League of Legends pro Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider has decided to move on from 100 Thieves and test free agency for 2020.

The jungler’s short stint with the organization was marked by disappointment since his signing in May and now he’s looking to make his way back into the LCS limelight.

“100 Thieves has allowed me to explore my options for 2020,” Amazing said. “I enjoyed my time there and was happy about the amount of enthusiasm everyone brought to the table despite a rough season—I always felt supported. Also special thanks to pr0lly for having the guts to bring me in.”

Despite 100 Thieves’ underwhelming LCS Summer Split, Amazing had some highlights. The jungler often opted for tanky teamfighters to support his carries and still boasted a respectable 3.0 KDA. And Amazing’s Sejuani play was impressive, going 5-2 on the champion with a 5.69 KDA.

This announcement follows the departure of 100 Thieves former coach Neil “pr0lly” Hammad, who spent two years with the team. After a first-place finish in the regular season of the 2018 Spring Split, 100 Thieves went downhill and pr0lly couldn’t quite facilitate the team chemistry due to several roster changes.

Former LCK caster Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith became 100 Thieves’ general manager in September and is trying to revitalize the organization’s League program.