What do all the Weather Effects in Lethal Company do?

Climate is the final boss of Lethal Company.

Two characters in Lethal Company accessing the Terminal.
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Lethal Company has a really suitable name, considering the types of situations the game throws the players in. As well as cosmic horrors beyond comprehension, you may find creatures aren’t your only enemies. The moons can be genuine foes and the final bosses of Lethal Company, but it all depends on the weather.

We’re here to look at the weather conditions affecting the various moons in Lethal Company and hopefully help you maximize your daily output and ease your struggles to meet the profit quota.

Weather effects in Lethal Company, explained

The weather effects in Lethal Company appear randomly on each moon and are shown to you in brackets next to the moon’s name in the ship’s Terminal. Each weather effect carries its own set of conditions and challenges that players can face when exploring a moon. Weather effects aren’t always present, and exploring moons without them is recommended, but they spawn frequently, especially on the later moons.

The weather effects in Lethal Company are:

  • Foggy
  • Raining
  • Flooding
  • Stormy
  • Eclipse

Let’s explore them a bit deeper.


Player walking through a foggy forest in Lethal Company.
Fogs significantly reduce visibility. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The foggy weather effect in Lethal Company is the easiest to survive, though that can drastically change based on the spawn location of a single enemy: the Forest Giant. It drastically reduces your visibility on the map, rendering most tools utterly useless on the outside. Not only that, the Forest Giants can see you through the fog from vast distances, even if you may be oblivious to them until you hear those loud thumps.

Tips for foggy weather

The best way to navigate the thick fog is by having one player stay behind in the ship and watch the monitors. The monitors provide crucial information, such as the locations of hostile creatures, and can warn players before they venture too deep into enemy territory.

Flashlights are useless in this scenario, though perhaps an item like the Horn could find limited use here to identify friendlies. Like with any moon, it’s best if it’s avoided, but these approaches can work to make the situation somewhat bearable.


Rain is a weather effect that has a direct impact on how the world functions. Whereas fog only applies a cloud that reduces visibility, rain can create thick mud and quicksand that can prove quite deadly if one is caught in them. Quicksand can be difficult to escape, especially if you’re low on stamina and cannot run or jump out of it. It isn’t as severe as some other rain-related weather effects, but it surely makes for a dangerous exploration.

Tips for exploring in the rain

The best thing you can do while exploring a rainy moon is to pay attention to two things: the ground and your stamina bar. During daytime, quicksand is relatively easy to identify as it is a lot thicker than the rest of the ground, and the sound cues are pretty clear.

However, quicksand can be a real pain during nighttime as low visibility can obscure it and make you susceptible to falling in.

Carrying heavy loot, and thus being low on stamina, is also something you should avoid when exploring in the rain, as having enough stamina to escape quicksand is crucial for survival.


A player drowning in a flooded lake in Lethal Company.
Floods can easily cause you to drown. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Flooding is perhaps the most dangerous, right up there with the Eclipse. It’s a dynamic weather effect, quite different from the rest, as it builds up throughout your run. When landing on a flooded moon, you’ll notice water building up slowly upon your arrival. The longer you stay, the more flooded everything becomes—so much so that it may engulf the whole map. Even while you explore the interior, the water outside still rises, and upon leaving the building, you may find yourself at the bottom of a newly formed lake.

Tips for flooded weather in Lethal Company

The best advice for this type of weather is to avoid it entirely. You cannot foresee how much or when the water will build up enough to prevent you from leaving. Additionally, you may encounter frequent deep water sections that may prove fatal, as drowning in Lethal Company is too easy for comfort. If the flood spreads enough, carrying any loot whatsoever can render you too heavy to survive the submersion, which would invalidate your run. When you see a flooded moon, avoid it and pick something else.


Stormy is also dynamic, but not in the same sense as the floods. During stormy weather, the map will have a ton of rain but won’t spawn quicksand and floods. Instead, stormy weather is beset by constant lightning that can strike at random intervals and locations. There’s a catch, however, as the lightning will also strike any metallic item you might carry in your inventory. Talk about having a responsive environment.

Avoiding lightning in stormy weather

As we’ve said, the lightning strikes are random and can occur at any point on the map. If you are in the way, prepare for a preemptive disciplinary protocol. However, if you happen to survive and grab some loot, you’ll become an actual target if your loot is made of metal. The sound cues are pretty good and will warn you in time that lightning is going to strike. Drop your item and get away. And we mean away, as the lightning has a massive area of effect. Also, remember lightning can, indeed, strike twice, and your item may not be immediately safe to pick up after the first thunderclap.


A forest giant spawned next to the spaceship in Lethal Company.
Eclipsed weather spawns Forest Giants more frequently. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Eclipse is perhaps the most dangerous weather effect (at least in terms of enemies). Whereas the flooding makes the moon itself dangerous, Eclipses cause certain types of enemies to spawn during the daytime, rendering any exploration during this period hazardous. The Sandworms can spawn and usually come in pairs; Eyeless Dogs roam the world, and Forest Giants are as much a nuisance as during any other weather. If you want a truly lethal experience, try exploring during an Eclipse.

How to survive an Eclipse in Lethal Company

Like with some of the other dangerous weather effects, Eclipses are best when avoided. However, if you want to give this condition a try, you might want to stock up on everything you can. Weapons will be your best friends here, especially the shovels and the stun grenades, as even a Forest Giant can be stunned as of version 40. Flashlights are also a must, and you might want to prioritize lighter loot and several trips to the facility and back instead of hauling everything at once and being an easy target.

The moons we recommend you visit during an Eclipse are Assurance and Offense due to the short distances between the buildings and the ship.

That said, they also spawn the Sandworms often, so take your bet.


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