How to get the Productive Day achievement in Stray

If it fits, I sleeps.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

Depending on where you live, you might stumble upon more than a few stray cats in your everyday life. The life outside won’t be as peaceful as it’d be in a warm home, but cats that live outdoors can go on various adventures, get lost, and make new friends, which can go unnoticed.

Stray is an indie title that invites players to the adventures of a cat lost in a city filled with robots. Players will get to navigate around the city, explore, and try to make their way back home. Filled with mysteries and puzzles, Stray has a thriller of a story that further expands with achievements.

One of those achievements is called Productive Day, which is quite the sarcastic title. Here’s how you can earn the achievement.

How to get the Productive Day achievement in Stray

The Productive Day achievement can be unlocked by sleeping for one hour as the cat in Stray. You’ll actually need to spend a total of real-life hours sleeping in the game to complete this achievement.

The sleeping spots will appear in chapter four. After giving the postcard to the guardian, head over down the stairs and look for a robot sitting by itself. There’ll be a stack of pillows next to it, and you’ll be able to sleep there. Don’t exit the game while sleeping.

Once you start sleeping, you can set a timer for an hour and come back when it expires to unlock the Productive Day achievement. You don’t have to complete this achievement in one go, though. You can take short naps, and the achievement will be unlocked when your total sleep time exceeds an hour.