How many chapters are there in Stray?

Chapters make it easy for gamers to find a spot to take a break.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

Stray, the cat video game that is one of the most wished-for games on Steam right now, is finally out and players are starting to get their hands on the furry cat hero. The game doesn’t take too long to finish but is separated into chapters to make it easy to find a place to take a break.

There are 12 chapters in Stray, but each one might take players longer to get through than some others. Some of the chapters take place in the bigger areas such as the Slums, Antvillage, or in Midtown, and others are in less-safe areas like the sewers.

Players can go back after the game is finished and replay chapters, but those who are looking to get all of the achievements for the game should try to get as many completed while going through the game as possible. This is because going back to replay chapters will start players at the beginning of that chapter, and some spots in those areas may not be reachable until the player completes the story steps.

Here are all of the chapters and what they are called in Stray.

  • Chapter one – Inside the Wall
  • Chapter two – Dead City
  • Chapter three- The Flat
  • Chapter four – The Slums
  • Chapter five – Rooftops
  • Chapter six – The Slums Part Two
  • Chapter seven – Dead End
  • Chapter eight – The Sewers
  • Chapter nine – Antvillage
  • Chapter 10 – Midtown
  • Chapter 11 – Jail
  • Chapter 12 – Control Room

Stray was released today, July 19, and can be purchased on Steam, PS4, and PS5. The game costs $29.99 or can be played for free if you have a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tier subscription.