All Memory locations in Stray

How to get all of these collectibles.

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Stray allows players to play as a cat and wander through a dystopian city seemingly forgotten by humanity, hoping to be reunited with its former family. The game’s story offers up to eight hours of content while optional content helps with the worldbuilding in Stray.

Memories are a part of the optional side content in Stray and there are quite a few for players to find. There are 27 Memories to find and we have listed each of them by location and when they appear in the story chronologically. While 22 of these Memories are optional and have to be found during exploration, five are orange Memories related to the main storyline. These orange Memories are unmissable. 

Memories are not mandatory to proceed through the story but they are essential if players wish to learn more about the dystopian city and the backstory of B-12.

All Memory locations in Stray

The Flat Memories

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The Flat has one Memory for players to find.

  • Memory 1/27: This is the first of the story Memories and it is automatically acquired when you reach the beach scene mural outside the flat.

The Slums Memories

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There are seven Memories to find in the Slums.

  • Memory 2/27: The first Memory is in the direction the Guardian is looking. Climb on top of the red vending machine and head up to the rooftop. Continue climbing until you get to a metal slated roof, then head to the metal sign where you find a dead Companion along with the Memory.
  • Memory 3/27: The second Memory requires you to collect three Energy Drink cans and then go to the Azooz at The Market Place and purchase the Ancient Relic. The caveat here is that the Ancient Relic is actually the Memory you need.
  • Memory 4/27: The third Memory will take you to the second floor of the pub located directly in front of the Guardian Companion. Go forward until you reach a building with a red neon sign with a Companion just before it. Climb up the stairs, take a left, and the Memory should be on the table to the left.
  • Memory 5/27: The fourth Memory is located in Momo’s bedroom which lies in the apartment you need to go to anyway in order to progress the story. Head underneath the orange neon sign to get into the building and then go to the bedroom. In the bedroom, looking at the back home poster on the wall will unlock the Memory.
  • Memory 6/27: The fifth Memory lies on street level starting at the Guardian Companion. From here, go down the stairs ahead and follow the path going to the right. Head past a yellow neon sign and up the stairs. There is a sign on the wall which says “R.I.P Humans.” Check the sign to get the Memory.
  • Memory 7/27: The sixth Memory is in the same area left of the Guardian Companion. Go down the stairs and enter the alley near Morusque. From the green dumpster, keep climbing up to get to the robot graffiti on the wall. This is where the Memory lies.
  • Memory 8/27: The seventh Memory of this area is in Elliot Programming. This place lies past the bar and from here, climb up the stairs and get to the first red door on the right. Scratching on the door will cause the Companion to open it. Enter before the door gets shut and run up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, there are two plants. Check them to find the final Memory in the slums. 

From here, we move on to the Rooftops for the next set of memories.

Rooftops Memories

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There are three Memories to find on the Rooftops.

  • Memory 9/27: The first Memory on the Rooftops can only be acquired after evading the second encounter with Zurks. After the encounter, keep moving forward, jumping over a pipe and an AC unit to reach a different rooftop. From here, run forward until you get to a red neon sign, then interact with it to get the Memory.
  • Memory 10/27: The second Memory can be acquired only after the story progresses to the point where you can get into Neco Corp after knocking a piece of wood over. Enter the building, go to the second level and proceed forward. From the cell with the imprisoned Zurks, take a right and go forward. Jump into the red puddle and interact with the Neco Corp sign to get the Memory.
  • Memory 11/27: The third and final Memory on the Rooftops is also the second Story Memory in the game. This one is acquired automatically after installing the Transceiver.

From here, it’s on to the Dead End next.

Dead End Memories

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Dead End has three Memories to find.

  • Memory 12/27: The first Memory in Dead End in Stray is easy to acquire. Wait for Seamus to open the gate, then enter it and go left. There will be a van ahead, run past it and interact with the shutter for the Memory.
  • Memory 13/27: The second Memory in Dead End can be acquired only after the story is progressed far enough where you crash and then have to climb up some pipes. Climb up to the top and search for a tiny gap in the metal fence. This gap will be in the bottom right corner of the fence and it can be traversed through. Going forward from here will yield a dead Companion which holds the Memory. Interact with it to get the Memory.
  • Memory 14/27: The third Memory can only be acquired after getting into Doc’s house. After finding a way to get in, make your way to the first floor where you will notice a very peculiar mannequin with a bucket on its head. Interact with the mannequin to get the final Memory in this area. 

After acquiring these Memories, we head down into the Sewers.

The Sewers Memories

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There are two Memories to find in the Sewers.

  • Memory 15/27: Getting the first Memory in the Sewers right away is important because it is missable. Go through the story until Momo opens the metal gate for you. Then enter the corridor and look around carefully for the split in the corridor to the left. After finding the split, take the left route and go up the drain entrance. Stay on the path until you find the Memory ahead.
  • Memory 16/27: The second Memory in the Sewers is also missable because it can be acquired right after that particular scary section. After that event, take a detour and go left from the pipes, then jump down and onto the barrels. Then get into the drain entrance and follow the path ahead to find the Memory.

Getting out of the Sewers will lead us to Antvillage.

Antvillage Memories

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Antvillage has two Memories to find.

  • Memory 17/27: The first Memory in Antvillage is easy to acquire because it is the third Story Memory in the game, which means you will get it automatically.
  • Memory 18/27: The second Memory in Antvillage can be acquired only after the Story Memory with B-12. Following this event, climb the first ladder and go right, then interact with the graffiti on the wall to get the Memory.

Our next destination is Midtown.

Midtown Memories

Midtown has seven Memories to find.

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  • Memory 19/27: The first Memory is the fourth Story Memory in the game, making it an automatic acquisition as you play through the story.
  • Memory 20/27: The second Memory lies above the subway. Go through the exit platform via a gap in the wire mesh fence and take a right turn into a small hovel. There is a Companion there and the Memory lies to his left.
  • Memory 21/27: The third Memory lies behind the club. To get here, head out into Midtown from the subway and go through the dark alley ahead. Then keep jumping up until you get onto the pipes, then jump onto the roof on the left. Follow the path on the rooftops and get down at the end. The Memory lies here next to some glass bottles.
  • Memory 22/27: The fourth Memory in Midtown will require you to go back to the entrance and go up the ramp on the right, Move forward until you see the Sentinels hologram. Go right until you see a shop with a window you can enter. Enter the window and climb up the ladder on the left. Navigate through this small space until the end to get to the Memory.
  • Memory 23/27: The fifth Memory is pretty close to the previous one. Head out of the barbershop and get into the restaurant. From here, navigate the path upwards and through a hole in the ceiling. Up here, a blue device will be visible right behind you. Interact with it for the Memory.
  • Memory 24/27: The sixth Memory is missable so it’s best to get it now. First, get inside the door to the Sentinel Station which will only open after acquiring the Atomic Battery from Neco Corp. Once the door is open, interact with the picture on the wall to get the Memory.
  • Memory 25/27: The final memory in this area is also missable. First, gain entrance to the club through a window, then go behind the bar and onto the dumbwaiter. Take the dumbwaiter down a level and get off. The Memory lies on top of a table in the middle of the room.

We only have two Memories left to find with the penultimate one in the Jail.

Jail Memories

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The Jail has one Memory for players to find.

  • Memory 26/27: To get the first and only Memory in the Jail, first rescue Clementine and B-12. Then head outside and trap the first Sentinel. Upon doing this, the Memory can be found on a dead Companion lying on a dumpster. It lays right between the two fences. Interact with the Companion to get the Memory.

And the last of the Memories lies in the final area.

Control Room Memories

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The Control Room holds the final memory in the game.

  • Memory 27/27: The final Memory has no specific task tied to it. Since it is the last of the Story Memories, it will be acquired automatically once the game’s final area has been reached.