All energy drink locations in Stray

You'll need them to trade for unique items.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

There are a variety of unique robots to meet in the Slums, the first major hub world in Stray. Among the characters you can interact with is Azooz, who has a variety of objects for sale in their shop—if you can pay their prices. Two of their items, a coveted music sheet that you can give to Morusque and a mysterious ancient relic, require energy drink cans as payment.

To purchase both items, you’ll need four energy drinks total: one for the music sheet and three for the ancient relic. All four energy drinks can be found throughout the Slums, so sharpen your claws and get ready to explore if you want to max out your achievement list or just see everything the game has to offer.

Here are all energy drink locations in Stray.

Can one: Near Morusque

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Games

Directly across the alley from Morusque is a lit vending machine you can interact with. If you’re at the center of town facing the Guardian, head to the left and down the stairs. The vending machine will be on the right. Walk up to it and press the interact button on the keypad; this will make the machine spit out an energy drink that you can pick up.

Can two: Front of the Slums

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Games

From the Guardian, head down the large stairs in the center of town. Go past the bar, which has a large red neon light outside of it, and continue straight. Follow the path past Grandma, who’s sitting in a chair outside of her shop. When you come to a fork in the path, make a left toward the darker part of the alley, then make the first right and run up the stairs. You’ll find both a memory and another vending machine on the left side of the alley. Once again, interact with the number pad to dispense an energy drink.

Can three: Above Grandma’s shop

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Games

Remember Grandma? For the third can, you’ll need to follow a concealed path above her shop to reach the third can. Run back the way you came through the alley until you find her shop, which is tinged in red. While facing Grandma, turn 180 degrees and look for a red storage container. Jump onto it and follow the jump prompts all the way up—it’s a fairly straightforward path. When you jump onto the awning above the air conditioning units, turn left and jump onto the next awning. Climb through the fence onto the balcony above you and run straight across it. You’ll pass a cylindrical gray container on your left. Once you reach the edge of the balcony, look down. Jump down onto the railing to reach the next vending machine, which will dispense energy drink number three.

Can four: Across from the balcony

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Games

Once you’ve gotten the third drink, climb back up to the balcony you just jumped down from. It’s not as easy as jumping straight back up: you’ll need to turn to the right of the vending machine and follow the wooden planks back up to the top. When you reach the second wooden plank, turn to your right and jump back onto the balcony. From there, turn right and pass the cylindrical gray container again, this time on your right. Walk down the flat wooden plank and jump onto the roof it connects you to. On the right is the last vending machine, which contains energy drink number four.

Once you have all four drinks, you can take them to Azooz and trade them for one of Morusque’s music sheets and the ancient relic. If you want to purchase the electric cables, which are required for Grandma to make you a poncho, you’ll need a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent, which can be found in the laundromat after the two robots tossing paint cans above accidentally drop one.