Wretched Reclaimer joins the Priest class in Hearthstone’s Saviours of Uldum expansion

Priest fans are in luck.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Priest fans will love the newest minion revealed for Hearthstone‘s Saviors of Uldum expansion today.

Wretched Reclaimer is a three-cost 3/3 Priest minion with a Battlecry that destroys a friendly minion and returns it to life with full health.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The card will work well when used in combination with a variety of functions, such as Deathrattle and the new Reborn mechanic highlighted by Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion. For a three-cost card, Wretched Reclaimer is a strong early game option but can also be beneficial at later stages in a match if users can take advantage of its Battlecry with powerful Deathrattle minions.

Reborn is Hearthstone’s newest keyword. Minions with Reborn are restored to life with one health upon death. They lose the effect and any enchantments once they are restored to life, but if a Reborn minion is returned to its user’s hand, it regains the Reborn effect.

Hearthstone fans will be able to add Wretched Reclaimer to their decks when the game’s next expansion Saviors of Uldum releases on Aug. 6. The expansion is now available for pre-order in two different bundle options: a 50-pack option for $50 or one that comes with 80 packs and Elise, a new playable Druid hero, for $80.