Worlds Collide – A Poker & Hearthstone Tour

Hearthstone and Poker are two card games that are widely played around the world, and that's the first time they are combined in a tournament. Find out more!

Hearthstone and Poker are about to be seen for the first time inthe very same tournament as AmazonCoins and PokerCentral arepresenting the Worlds Collidetournament. World Collide will feature three poker prosand three Hearthstone pros competing in both games in a one-dayevent.

Hearthstone will be represented by Team Amazon Coinswith Jason “Amaz” Chan, Esteban“AKAWonder” Serrano and David“Dog” Caero, three very popular namesin the Hearthstone pro scene, while Poker will be represented byTeam Poker Central and Maria Ho, DougPolk and Scott Ball, three poker proswith great experience and respectable fame. There has not been muchinformation about the prize-pool or the format yet, but sooneverything will be revealed.

Hearthstone has already been tried by many poker pros, includingsome who tried competing at a high level, such as Bertrand”Elky” Gospellier, with millions of winnings inpoker, who received a sponsorship at both games simultaneously fromPokerStars and Team Liquid.

The World’s Collide tournament will be casted by a StarCraftplayer, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, on May 24,starting at 23:00 CEST. You can watch the whole event via Poker Central’s Twitchchannel.