Two new Witchwood cards revealed, including Rogue class legendary

Both cards feature the new Echo keyword.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Senior Hearthstone designer Peter Whalen has revealed two more cards from the game’s upcoming expansion.

The pair of cards are part of the next set, The Witchwood, and feature the newest keyword in the game—Echo.

Echo, which is being added with The Witchwood, allows you to play a single card multiple times in a single turn. If you play an Echo card, you can play copies of it again until you run out of mana.

The first card is Warpath, a Warrior spell. The keyword might be new, but the effect is incredibly familiar. It’s basically two mana Whirlwind, one of the core spells of Warrior. Obviously being able to play this over and over again is pretty powerful—imagine if Grim Patron was still a thing…

Face Collector is one of the set’s Rogue Legendary minions, and its effect is incredibly powerful. Rogue has a lot of cards that generate new cards for your hand, but perhaps none as swinging as this. With a couple of Counterfeit Coins, you can fill your hand with four Legendaries in one turn.

Card reveals will get underway in earnest next week.