The Witchwood adds a new tool for Dragon decks

Will this keep the archetype alive?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone‘s newest set is just a few weeks away now.

When the set arrives, hundreds of cards will rotate out of Standard. In their place will come 135 cards from The Witchwood. Card reveals are well underway, and theorycrafting can begin in earnest.

The latest card was unveiled by 109ace on Twitch.

The card text apparently translates as “Battlecry: If you are holding a Dragon, gain Rush and +1 Attack.” That makes this card, which doesn’t have a translated English name now, the seventh card in the set with Rush—nearly 25 percent of what we’ve seen so far.

The Dragon tribe usage is really interesting. Dragon decks are one of the most hit by the Standard rotation this year, and Dragon Priest is losing significant cards like Drakonid Operative and Kabal Talonpriest.

Is this card good enough to keep Dragon decks relevant? Probably not. Part of the reason the deck has survived is strong minions that can stick to the board. At four health, probably less after a Rush attack, this won’t stay around very long.