What to expect from Hearthstone’s 2022 Lunar New Year event

Let the celebration begin.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

What better way is there to celebrate the Lunar New Year than by settling in for a few rounds of Hearthstone in the tavern?

Hearthstone’s 2022 Lunar New Year event begins on Feb. 2.

The Lunar New Year in Hearthstone always gives players a reason to log in—and this time around is no exception. This year, you can expect a new quest chain, new themed skins, a fresh Tavern Brawl, and a free card back that you can claim right now prior to the launch of the event.

As of now, you can head into Hearthstone to claim the Dancing Lion card back. The card back comes to Hearthstone as the result of a competition held for a fan-made card back among the China-based Hearthstone community. The creator of the card and winner of the competition is a player named Xi Luo. You’ll have until Feb. 8 to claim the Dancing Lion card back.

In addition to your free card back, the event will also introduce a new Legendary quest chain. The new chain will last from Feb. 2 to 16 and will award a Forged in the Barrens pack, a United in Stormwind pack, three regular Fractured in Alerac Valley packs, and one Golden Fractured in Alterac Valley pack.

If you’re a player who frequents the Tavern, then you may be familiar with the Lunar Blessings Tavern Brawl. The Lunar New Year-themed Brawl returns starting Feb. 2. This Brawl sees players choose a class then use a random deck, as well as a “Blessing” from an animal of the Chinese zodiac.

For those of you who can’t get enough cosmetics, the event introduces a variety of new Lunar New Year-themed skin bundles to the shop. Even though the event technically starts tomorrow, you can view all of the new skin bundles via the in-game store right now. Additionally, Diao Chan Valeera is back in the shop with a new card back and additional voice lines.

You’ll have until Feb. 16 to celebrate the Lunar New Year, so head into Hearthstone tomorrow and let the festivities commence.