This Week in Tavern Brawl

Tavern Brawl 02/10/2016 Hello fellow Hearthstone players and welcome to this week’s Tavern Brawl. Time to get started on this week’s Tavern Brawl. As you know Tavern Brawl is one of my favorite formats and I look forward to playing it every week, writing on article on it and striving to maintain 100 wins every […]

Tavern Brawl 02/10/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone players and welcome to this week’s Tavern Brawl. Time to get started on this week’s Tavern Brawl. As you know Tavern Brawl is one of my favorite formats and I look forward to playing it every week, writing on article on it and striving to maintain 100 wins every week on average as I have managed to do for a while now. I came up short last week with only 91 Tavern Brawl wins but attribute some of that due to the games taking longer. I wonder if we will get something new or recycled. Let’s get started.

Wednesday 2/20/2016

The Tavern brawl came out and its title is “Decks Assemble”. Description is “All of Azeroth wants to brawl for you. Start with a small deck, recruit as you go, then send them to fight over and over”. This looks like a new format to me from my memories. This could be very interesting, we will soon see, I can’t wait.

Initial Insights

At first it seems simple but after you start its more complicated than I originally thought. No deck building here, you choose a hero and that’s it. I like that I will be able to try all heroes again in a generic format of sorts. We all start off with chickens lol. Every turn you get to pick a card for your hand. So far generic cards in the choices. Also when you play a card you shuffle your hand back into your deck. Interesting? Not sure yet but this could be very complicated especially in your card choices. Every turn four new cards and lots of coins also. I did not see any class specific cards the first game just to get a feel for the format.

Game Play

I decided to start off with the Hunter class mainly due to the Hero power. I won my first match in Tavern brawl to earn a classis pack against a Mage. The pack yielded one blue gold pit lord, one blue violet teacher, and one blue questing adventurer. I also disenchanted for 450 dusts. Whenever you play a card you shuffle a copy of it into your deck. Every turn you get three cards to choose from to add one to your hand. Your deck starts out with three cards and your hand starts with four cards. The game can be complex in that you are building you deck as you go. The choices you make affect all aspects of the game. I tend to choose cards I like to have multiples of but also keeping in mind late game. I have managed to win with every hero but I prefer the Hunter just due to the hero power. I have found the deathlord to be very advantageous early game. I have also opposed every hero so it says this will be a variety to say the least. I think a lot of thought needs be in your card choices, coins are abundant, and it’s easy to get a game ender card in the first couple of turns. I did a dr boom on turn three with four coins I had in hand. Battlecry’s tend to be erratic as some worked and some didn’t so not sure there. Overall interesting to say the least. I will play as much as I can and will probably rotate heroes as it seems to matter in the cards you get to choose from. I do like the Warrior against all the Hunters that are appearing. I like the Hunter overall across the hero gauntlet.  I also have to say going second has its benefits especially in the amount of coins you get in the opening hand. I have decided to not play the Warlock that much due to the hero power and the chances of pulling a chicken while taking two damage. I found out fatigue does nothing, so erasing their deck will not do damage to the opposing hero. I did keep a Warlock with no deck which was funny in a way. I am still out in the woods as far as class specific goes. I have been unable to determine if you actually get class specific cards as I have not seen any of them. The games do last longer, I am not sure how many wins Ill end up with this week in Tavern Brawl. My goal is always a hundred wins, but I may not get close this week. We will see. I am still running the Hunter as it has the highest win rate so far at over seventy percent. I had a game that lasted against a druid that ran over thirty minutes with my Hunter. I won the game but I am afraid the length of the game may run long in this current format of Tavern Brawl. So be prepared for a long game, don’t give up, press on for the win. I have found that no game is over right away, so do not concede, the tides can turn in late game. That is just my insights for the first day of Tavern Brawl. I will post more information tomorrow as I experience it. I did finish with five ten gold wins which will apply to a free pack tomorrow. I did max out on wins for the day between ranked play and Tavern Brawl wins so I am done for today. Tomorrow is a new day and I believe I will start off with a Hunter in the Tavern Brawls depending on the quest of the day. I intend to post my article tomorrow to allow you players to see my insights as soon as possible.  Keep in mind the meta changes in Tavern Brawl very quickly. I think if you start out with a Hunter you should be able to get a quick win for the free classic pack. As always look forward to tomorrow as you next win will be quick and efficient.

Total time Spent 2 hours.

Thursday 2/11/2016

I started off with a quest of the day being “Beat Down”. This quest earns forty gold for doing 100 damage to enemy heroes. I decided to keep this one as its quick, little, thought needed and since I am sitting on 85 gold I will have enough for a free pack fairly quickly. I am going to complete this quest in Tavern Brawl. I am going to use the Hunter to begin with as I have the best win rate over fifty percent with this hero. I did finally start seeing some class specific cards with the Warrior, that was the first time in twenty games played. I have faced Warlock’s today and I was surprised to see them use their hero power. I myself do not see the need in this format to draw a card for two damage. I am not sure how its beneficial in Tavern Brawl this week, but I am four to one against them using their hero power. I switched from the Hunter to the Warrior as I have a high win rate with that hero also. Both heroes are over fifty percent win rate for me. The games continue to get longer as people get more familiar with this format. I do not see getting close to one hundred wins this week. I think I will be lucky to eclipse fifty at this time. I have run all the characters again to see if any stand out. The two I like the best are the Warrior and Hunter, with the Mage third. I did win with every character, but prefer some hero powers over others.

Total time spent one hour forty-five minutes.

Parting Thoughts

I do encourage trying all the heroes in this format because they are all viable winners. Be prepared for long games, I have had one last over 30 minutes. The other nice thing about this week’s Tavern Brawl format is that it is quest friendly. That means you should be able to complete any quest in the Tavern Brawl with any hero. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tavern Brawl article. Look for my next one and my other article This Week in Hearthstone. Peace out from Texas.