This Week In Hearthstone 2/14/2016

This Week in Hearthstone started 2/08/2016 Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week seven of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. I think it will be interesting to see if something new or recycled. Last week was another record […]

This Week in Hearthstone started 2/08/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week seven of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. I think it will be interesting to see if something new or recycled. Last week was another record breaking week for me especially in the win percentage aspect. I fell short of my 100 Tavern Brawl, earning 91, wins mainly due to the fact the games to look longer since both players started at 30 health, 10 armor, and a weapon that returns when current weapon is gone.  I finally won some games with a Rogue which appears to be my nemesis deck for winning. My dust balanced increased substantially since due the Blizzard announcement of separate formats I enchanted some older gold cards that were extras. I looked forward to another record week I hope and maybe gain few ranks since I finished last week at rank 18. I am hoping all the aces have moved up and now it’s more of casual players trying to gain rank. I know it’s not the middle of the month yet but what the heck. Let’s dive into this week.

Maximizing Time

I know this section seems redundant every week but I never know when I get a new reader so I repeat this just in case. I typically break my day up into two hours of play while trying to play casual, ranked, and Tavern brawl when it’s up which Tavern Brawl closes Monday and reopens on Wednesday. I use casual for questing on Monday and Tuesday. I try to get a few wins in ranked to work toward that gold hero. Currently I only have a gold priest. Let’s get moving on to Monday’s exploits.

Monday 2/8/2016

I started off today with the quest of the day being “Destroy Them All”. The quests earn forty gold for destroying forty minions. I did not recycle this one since it takes little and thought to complete. I decided to take my Druid into rank play. I had to lethal wins but blundered and lost to go three and zero. I did earn the forty gold from killing forty minions. I decided on a Grand Tournament pack mainly because of the new format coming to us. I received one gold holy champion and one blue wyrmrest agent. I disenchanted for 35 dusts, not much I know, but better than nothing. I have decided to call it a day and look to tomorrow since my play has been so sloppy today. Sometimes you need a break to refocus and start anew. I faced midrange Hunter, freeze Mage, and midrange Druid in ranked play today. I think the Druid is a good choice here in the beginning of the rank season but I may switch back to Paladin depending on the quest of the day.

Total Time spent 35 minutes.

Tuesday 2/9/2016

I began today with a quest of the day being Druid or Hunter victory for forty gold. I recycled that and received Spell Master which is cast 40 spells for forty gold. I decided the quickest deck I had assembled for this is the face shaman. I used a modified Shaman deck from one of my legend buddies Ian. I completed the quest in 20 minutes but the three wins for ten gold took me over an hour to finish. Some of that was due to learning a new Shaman deck. I exchanged the gold for a Grand Tournament pack. I received one blue argent watchman and one gold flame juggler. I disenchanted for 85 dusts.  I really like this new Shaman based on a dragon shell but not so common Shaman cards. I played it in rank going from 20 to 17 to finish at 19 with two stars. I know it’s not great but anytime you try a new deck there is a learning curve which I normally do in casual but decided to learn in ranked to get some wins towards my gold Shaman. I will run the Shaman in ranked the rest of the time today to see how far I can get. I may have some extra time to spend we will see. I achieved the main goal of the day in under two hours which was earn a pack for the day.

Total Time spent one hour and 45 minutes.

Wednesday 2/10/2016

I started off with a quest of the day being “The Meek Shall Inherit” which pays forty gold for playing thirty minions that cost two or less. I kept this one as it is easy and quick to complete, plus I only need five gold for a pack today. I used my Warlock in ranked play to complete the quest and get a Grand Tournament pack. The pack yielded one bluevoid crusher. I disenchanted for forty dusts. Another quick day, I will spend time on the warlock in ranked as it is sitting at 403 ranked wins so my intent is to make it gold this week. The past two days in ranked I have piloted the modified Warlock zoo to 24 and 15, not too shabby for an old deck. I have been surprised at the success of it, but my secret Paladin has been getting owned so I changed it to Murloc Paladin again and its holding its own above a fifty percent win rate. Today is a new day for Tavern Brawl so once it’s out I will spend the rest of time analyzing it. I went six and three in Ranked play going to rank 16. I saw reno Jackson in very deck I played just about including Mage, Warrior, Warlock, Priest and Shaman. I guess reno is becoming a standard card to be ran in every deck. I have to say I was able to overcome it most of the time but all three of my losses were with Reno played. Games were quick and efficient with my Warlock zoo as I only spent one hour playing nine games. I am still ahead on time as I strive to spend two hours or less per day to earn that pack for the day. I won my first match in Tavern brawl to earn a classis pack. The pack yielded one blue gold pit lord, one blue violet teacher, and one blue questing adventurer. I also disenchanted for 450 dusts.

Total Time Spent 38 minutes.

Extra time spent Ranked Play one hour.

Tavern Brawl Time Spent 15 minutes.

Thursday 2/11/2016

I started off with a quest of the day being “Beat Down”. This quest earns forty gold for doing 100 damage to enemy heroes. I decided to keep this one as its quick, little, thought needed and since I am sitting on 85 gold I will have enough for a free pack fairly quickly. I am going to complete this quest in Tavern Brawl. I am going to use the Hunter to begin with as I have the best win rate over fifty percent with this hero. I did finally start seeing some class specific cards with the Warrior, that was the first time in twenty games played. I have faced Warlock’s today and I was surprised to see them use their hero power. I myself do not see the need in this format to draw a card for two damage. I am not sure how its beneficial in Tavern Brawl this week, but I am four to one against them using their hero power. I switched from the Hunter to the Warrior as I have a high win rate with that hero also. Both heroes are over fifty percent win rate for me. It took an hour and half in Tavern Brawl to complete the quest due to games running longer today. I earned enough gold and bought a Grand Tournament pack. I received one purple charged hammer and one blue master jouster. I disenchanted for 135 dusts. That’s all for today, if I have some more time to play it will be spent in the Tavern Brawl.

Total time spent one hour and forty-five minutes.

Friday 2/12/2016

I started off the day with a quest of the day being “Druid or Rogue Dominance” which pays fifty gold for five with either hero. I will complete this in the Tavern Brawl. I tried the Tavern Brawl to complete my quest, but it was taking too long so I went to casual. I finished the quest in under an hour. Do to Blizzard’s announced for the spring I have decided to save gold for the new expansion. I will not be getting anymore packs for now. I have all the cards in game, I will start disenchanting also the gold ones. I hope everyone is ok with my decision, also I will continue the article but with a different objective to replace the pack opening every day. I will still open packs earned from Tavern Brawl, and if I get a spectator quest so there will be some pack opening. Tavern Brawl is getting lengthier and the tides can change so do not worry about a slow start. I have seen it only takes one card selection, one turn and little RNG to continue your game. That is all for today, I will finish out they day in Tavern Brawl and a few ranked games to go towards gold heroes. I have a Warlock sitting out four hundred and nine wins, and currently at rank sixteen.

Total Time Spent fifty-three minutes.

Saturday 2/13/2016

I started off with a quest of the day being “Only the Mighty” which is play twenty minions that cost five or more for forty gold. I decided to recycle and received “Hunter or Mage Dominance” which is win five games with a Hunter or Mage for sixty gold. Due to the play times being long in Tavern Brawl I will try their first and switch to Casual and ranked if taking to long. I ended up leaving the brawl after four wins in two hours, with one loss, yes it took that long. I will try to finish it up as fast as I can in Tavern Brawl with the Mage. I was not able to finish this quest today, I will tomorrow.

Total Time Spent two hours and thirty minutes.

Sunday 2/14/2016

I started off the day with yesterday’s quest of five wins with a mage or Hunter sitting on four wins. I also received a quest today “Destroy Them All” to destroy forty minions for forty gold which I was able to complete both in Tavern Brawl in one hour. I decided to finish my time in Tavern Brawl for the rest of the day.

Total Time Spent one hour.

Final Thoughts

This week turned out good, not record breaking but good none the less. I finished with 6434 wins, 43 Tavern Brawl wins, 335 gold, 25260 dusts, and rank 16. The Tavern Brawl resulted in long games due to the format. Ranked play was just a fifty percent win rate for me for the week. Tavern Brawl was fifty percent win rate also. I will chalk up this week as difficult compared to past weeks. Ranked play was a mixed bag of opponents, nothing really stood out and most games came down to top deck. Top deck was not a factor in Tavern Brawl but cards selected were crucial especially late game. I did not spend much time in casual play but when I did I saw a lot of Warrior testing I believe. I think everyone maybe getting ready for the standard format coming soon. I know the new format to Hearthstone is going to shake things up, but I look forward to it myself. I hope you check out my next week’s articles This Week in Tavern Brawl and This week in Hearthstone. I hope you consider becoming a premium member, yes, I am, but for the benefits of seeing all information before anyone else. Until next week, peace out from Texas sitting in the 60’s and 70’s, I guess spring is upon us in Texas.