This week in Hearthstone 01/31/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week five of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was a very productive week and I hope to continue that success this week. I finished last week with 6077 wins, […]

This Week in Hearthstone week 5 of 2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week five of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was a very productive week and I hope to continue that success this week. I finished last week with 6077 wins, 111 Arena wins, rank ten on ladder and 75 gold. This is the last week of ranked play for this month and I imagine the ladder will be busy with players that try to hit Legend at the end of the month.

Maximizing Time

I know this section seems redundant every week but I never know when I get a new reader so I repeat this just in case. I typically break my day up into two hours of play while trying to play casual, ranked, and Tavern brawl when it’s up which Tavern Brawl closes Monday and reopens on Wednesday. I use casual for questing on Monday and Tuesday. I try to get a few wins in ranked to work toward that gold hero. Currently I only have a gold priest. Let’s get moving on to Monday’s exploits.

Monday 1/25/2016

Well to my amazement I open Hearthstone with no new quest for today and it tells me to check back tomorrow. I think it’s just a glitch and at some point after logging in and through the day should produce a new quest. After a few attempts a quest finally came and it was a Hunter or Mage victory for forty gold. I started the day with 75 gold and this should be fairly easy and quick to complete to get the pack for the day. I did get asked about rerolling quests to try to get higher gold counts than the 40 gold. I do not reroll often but I do occasionally. I will mention it from here on out if I do. I am not sure the success rate trying to get the 50, 60, or 100 quests after rerolling, but normally from my past experience I usually just end up with different heroes but same gold amount. I try to give it shot from time to time just to see the numbers. The choice to reroll is valid especially to free to play players but even though I have not been a free to play player as I have bought expansions and pack sales. I focus my article around free to play in a sense as I am trying to win a pack a day for 7 days. I only use the gold earned on packs so it is similar to free to play in the concept. I know I am not a true free to play player but I try to write this article with that idea in mind. To test the rerolling I decided to reroll todays quest and I received instead Priest or Warlock Dominance. The quest pays 60 gold with five wins with a Priest or Warlock. The quest took 40 minutes to complete with my modified Priest dragon deck. I went 5 and 1 in casual. I also earned 10 gold twice for 3 wins total with the Priest. I face three warlocks to begin and went 2 and 1. I then proceeded to beat two Mage’s and one Warrior for the five wins. I chose the Grand Tournament pack and received one blue competitive spirit. I went to disenchant and received forty dusts. This was a very productive day and quick as I did not spend that much time to complete my objective. I finished with a gold balance of 55. Since I had a little extra time, well quite a bit extra time, I decided to focus on a hero I have not been able to win with in a long time. That hero would be the Rogue. I am not sure why this is my nemesis hero but it is. I just can’t play it or build to a fifty percent or higher win rate. I have tried since beta to no avail. Today was no different in that I just could not win. I guess it’s my mentality but this hero has me stumped. I will keep trying and keep you guys informed on how my Rogue quest goes. I didn’t give and kept at it and finally got the Rogue to 50 percent win rate but it was difficult for me. It just goes to show you with enough effort I believe any hero can be piloted to 50 percent win rate or more. I have to give props to Hearthstone players dot com for a deck that worked as none of my variations did very well, except that as usual I modified it a little to my own personal play. I consider today a success overall, now on to tomorrow.

Total Time Spent 40 minutes.

Side bar time, one hour to play around with a Rogue to end at 2 and 2 that took about an hour and I earned 10 gold for three wins.

Tuesday 1/26/2016

I have to apologize for the confusing day yesterday but that is the day ended. I do get RNG sometimes and can complete a day fairly quickly like I did yesterday. I decided to extend yesterday’s time for some research but it was by no means required to achieve our goal for the week. Well today I started off with a quest of the day Shaman or Warlock dominance. Win 60 gold with five Shaman or Warlock wins. I went with Shaman face deck to begin with thinking it would be the quickest in causal play. Ok I went five and two with my face Shaman in casual. I managed to also gain twenty gold from winning ten gold twice for three wins. I spent 49 minutes doing this. My only two losses were one to a Warrior and one to a Warlock zoo. I had three wins against Warriors, one win against a secret Paladin, and one against an agro Hunter. I selected a Grand Tournament pack. I received one purple sea reaver, and one blue fencing coach. I disenchanted for 35 dusts. We are on a run for record time spent this week so far That is all for today.

Total Time Spent 49 minutes.

Wednesday 1/27/2016

Welcome to a new day this week with a quest of the day that is Mage or Hunter victory for 40 gold. I decided to recycle and received a Watch and Learn which will get a free classic pack by watching a friend win which is equal to 100 gold as you know. Today is also a new Tavern Brawl day which I will discuss in more depth in my other article This Week in Tavern Brawl. Look for it, read it, and feel free to comment on it and any of my articles. I completed the watch and learn first game. I received one purple cabal shadow priest. I received 120 dusts from disenchanting. I played one Tavern Brawl and won with a modified Paladin secret deck. I earned one free classic pack. It netted one blue si 7 agent. I also received 40 dusts which put me at 10025 dusts. All in all a great day as I only spent 35 minutes. I am still on to a record week with the most gained with the least amount of time spent.

Total Time spent 35 minutes.

Thursday 1/28/2016

Today I started off with a Priest or Warlock victory of two for 40 gold, recycled, received a Mage or Hunter victory of 2 for 40 gold. I guess can always expect to improve the quest and gold amount. I will complete this in casual play mode since my Tavern Brawl is set up with a more favorable hero to me in the new format of a secret Paladin. The secret Paladin is a very different deck from the standard one I normally run. I actually decided to run my Mech Mage in casual this morning. I went five and three. I earned 10 gold twice and completed the quest of the day to earn 100 gold for a Grand Tournament pack. The pack produced one blue coliseum manager. The disenchanting produced 40 dusts. Today turned out to be another very productive day with minimal time spent. I decided to watch my legend friends for a little while. I was surprised to see Shamans, and Rogues at this level. I have come to figure out once you reach rank five on the ladder the surprise factor for heroes has a lot of momentum to drive lower in the ranks. I think I will pick up the same idea and play decks not expected at certain levels as it can benefit the player when trying to grind down on the ladder ranks. I will say my Paladin deck in Tavern Brawl is rocking the house in wins. I am over 80 percent win rate which is amazing in my opinion. I have figured out that the Paladin is my favorite choice in this format. In my numbness I figured out the deathrattle. The deathrattle works when you opponent kills your minion, sorry for my noobness. I maxed out wins today with my secret Paladin going 80 and 24 in this week’s Tavern Brawl. I believe the Paladin is best in the Tavern Brawl by far. That is just my opinion based on my record and experience. I am amazed at the success of my Paladin today. I hate to say it rocked the house.

Total Time spent 45 minutes.

Total time spent extra in Tavern Brawl 2.0 hours.

Friday 1/29/2016

Yesterday was amazing. Today started off with a quest of the day to play twenty minions that cost five or more for forty gold. I spent 45 minutes going five and zero in Tavern Brawl with a modified secret Paladin deck. I earned ten gold twice for three wins to put me at 145 gold. I purchased a Grand Tournament pack the produced two burgle. I disenchanted for 55 dusts. Today was another quick day and the way the week is going it should a record setter in time spent. I am still surprised at how well this Paladin is doing in Tavern Brawl and I have had more conceded games than ever before averaging about percent conceded games. That’s it for today and the weekend is upon us. I will probably spent some extra time in Tavern Brawl the rest of the day due to the success of the Paladin deck. I did see a majority of Druid’s in Tavern Brawl this morning to the extent of over 60 percent of my matches were against Druid’s. I have been told and have seen other heroes that maybe better than the Paladin I run, but I can’t dispute the win rate therefore I will continue to run it till the end of this week’s Tavern Brawl. I ended at 15 and 0, but the next game was my first lost today to a Hunter to finish 15 and 1 in Tavern Brawl. I guess the Paladin deck is good. Turns out the worst matchup for the Paladin is the Hunter, as I loss to it more than half the time. The Hunter does have access to some interesting cards and I think I am going to give the Hunter a try even though my Paladin has done extremely well. I found myself running out of cards and the Hunter is able to refresh his hand fairly easily in this format. I am able to get the Hunter’s down in life but as my hand is used up the ability to finish the Hunter off has become a problem. The only thing left to do is join them and make a Hunter deck. I stayed with the Paladin to go 22 and 3, with earning 10g for 3 wins 7 times. I earned another pack today and chose the Grand Tournament pack. I received 2 blue cards and disenchanted for 35 dusts. I was able to go fifty percent against Hunter’s so I stayed with the Paladin. I managed to max out my wins for the day for gold by going 35 and 4 with the Paladin in Tavern Brawl today. I was able to earn two packs today and still have 25 gold going into tomorrow. I am done playing today since I cannot earn any more gold. I finished one character at 70 wins in Tavern Brawl and 50 wins on the other two. That is by far the best I have done in Tavern Brawl by far. I ended with 170 wins and approximately 15 losses. All I can say is wow. Who knew how well the Paladin would do this well this week.

Total Time spent 45 minutes.

Extra time spent in Tavern Brawl 2.5 hours.

Saturday 1/30/2016

Today started off with the quest of the day being three victories. Win three games with any class for forty gold. I kept this one this time since it is quick and easy. I am going to complete it in Tavern Brawl. I go the three wins in twenty minutes against a Priest, Warrior, and Hunter. I also earned ten gold for wins with my modified Paladin in Tavern Brawl. I will be playing Tavern Brawl the rest until I max out the gold I can earn in one day. I have been able to do this every day in the Tavern Brawl and I intend to do it today and tomorrow. I earned the remaining gold needed to get Grand Tournament pack. I received one blue burgle and one gold [the skeleton knight[/card]. I was able to disenchant for thirty dusts. I went 11 and five in Tavern Brawl due to facing a lot of rogues with cheap board clearing spells. I still the Paladin due to the record. That is all for today, see you guys tomorrow. I am still maintaining and time spent under anything I have experienced before. This will be a record week in time spent.

Total Time spent 20 minutes.

Total extra time spent in Tavern Brawl 2.0 hours.

Sunday 1/31/2016

I started off with a quest of the being Paladin or Priest victory. I kept this one due to the paladin since I am running Tavern Brawls with my Paladin. I completed this in 16 minutes. I have 2x win for 10 gold completed and just need 2 more for a free pack. I got a Grand Tournament pack to yield one purplerecruiter and one blue card cutpurse. I disenchanted for 35 dusts. A quick day again so this was a good day. I will play some more Tavern Brawl the rest of the day to max out my gold earning power.

Total Time spent 59 minutes.

Parting Thoughts

This was by far the best week I have accomplished in Hearthstone since starting my series of writing on This Week in Hearthstone. I spent less than one hour a day to complete quests. I was able to earn a free pack overall every day. I had a great week in Tavern Brawl earning over 200 wins spending less than two hours extra time in route. I hope you enjoy my article and until next week peace out from Texas where we are having 70 degree weather before another snow. Look for my upcoming articles this coming week and please consider becoming a premium member on Hearthstone dot com as at some point my articles will become premium.