The Ever Evolving Meta – Warriors and Priests

Last day before the final Naxxramas Quarter - Frostwyrm Lair - is out! Let's take a look at how the meta has responded to the rise of Hunters.

With the rise of hunters, plenty of top players and ladder climbers started to build decks to adjust the shifting meta.

The most popular class being played in response are the Priests and Warriors. You should have seen them cropping up lately. We’ll take a look at some of the variation of the decks of these 2 classes being played and how to counter these decks if they crop up in your meta.

Control Warrior

Anti-Hunter Deck List

Built to counter in a Hunter heavy meta. (Decklist)

Classic Control Warrior

Built as a well rounded deck to tackle both aggro and other control decks. (Decklist)

Anti-Control Control Warrior

Built to defeat other control decks. (Decklist)

Control Priests

Anti Hunter Priest Deck List

Built by RoseQuartz to counter in a Hunter heavy meta. (Decklist)

Control Priest

An update to the classic Control Priest, utilizing dark-cultist. Piloted by Sjow to Top 16 this week. (Decklist)

Deathrattle Priest

An experiment and different deck by Zetalot that’s having a lot of success so far. (Decklist)

Staying Ahead of the Meta

Some players have also began adjusting to a Priest/Warrior meta by playing deck types such as Midrange or Ramp Druid. Harrison Jones is shining through in a meta featuring a lot of Hunters and Warriors. Definitely more valued than The Black Knight at the moment. But with 4 new cards tomorrow, that might change!

Ysera may start making an appearence, mostly in greedier Control Warrior decks. If that starts happening and you’re playing Ramp Druid, you can pack answers like Mark of the Wild with The Black Knight or even Naturalize. If you’re a Priest player, Mind Control wouldn’t go amiss. Shamans have their Hex and Handlocks have siphon soul but their presences are limited by Hunters.

You can stay ahead without changing out your class/deck completely – depending how the meta shifts, you can use cards like Big Game Hunter, Harrison Jones to close the gap.

When you find yourself in a control heavy meta – which you will likely see as you get closer to Legend – here are a few tips:

In a Control Warrior heavy meta, consider playing

  • Druid – Pack at least 1 set of Savage Roar/Force of Nature combo and a Big Game Hunter
  • Paladin – Good ol’ Paladin – games can last longer than average
  • Midrange Shaman – But only in a Hunter-free envrionment. Match up is harder if they pack Baron Geddon
  • Handlock – Same as above
  • Priest – Pack Mind Control and a Big Game Hunter

Oh and if the Meta does evolve back to a Ramp Druid oriented meta – consider dusting off the Miracle Rogue or Handlock to counter it. Or even back to Midrange Hunter (and complete the cycle)!

You can check out a sample Druid deck to the right (it’s adjusted against Control Warrior meta. If you find yourself in a Hunter heavy meta and still want to play Ramp Druid – I suggest taking out Big Game Hunter and put in Healing Touch.)

And if you want to counter Priests, just stick all the minions with 4 Attacks in your collection into your deck. Kidding! Miracle Rogues, Midrange Druids and Zoo decks are still viable against Control Priest.

Your Path to Legend

For ladder climbing, Aggro/Midrange Hunter is still a solid choice. Near the top, you’ll see more variety of decks and you’ll have to respond in kind (or simply stick to Zoo).

Other Notable and Experimental Decks

Updated Aggro/Backspace Rogue (Decklist) (Great for countering the Hunters for those that are still looking for options)

Deathlock by Xixo (Decklist)

Secrets Mage by Rdu (Decklist)

Reincarnate Shaman by Massan (Decklist)

Some of the above are really fun and unique – but wrecked by the dominance of Hunters (Shaman, Mage) on the ladder at the moment. But don’t let that stop you from having fun! (And the Hunter flavor might have fallen out of favor in your meta, so be sure to test the waters.)


Tomorrow we’ll  see the final cards out from Naxxramas. No doubt the meta will shift again and we’ll see some new deck types.

Please feel free to leave comments/critiques or even suggestions in the comment section below. Till next time!