Warrior Legendary Galakrond the Unbreakable revealed for Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion

The hype train rolls forward.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Card reveal season is quite possibly the most exciting time to be a fan of Hearthstone. And today, Blizzard surprised fans with the reveal of a new card from the upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion, Galakrond, the Unbreakable.

Galakrond is a new type of Hero card that will have different versions for all of the EVIL classes. Galakrond costs seven mana and has a Battlecry.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In its non-upgraded form, Galakrond allows you to draw one minion from your deck, then gives that minion +4/+4. Galakrond can be upgraded through the new Invoke mechanic. Playing minions and spells with the Invoke keyword will allow you to upgrade Galakrond so that he can reach his full potential.

Galakrond’s first upgraded form changes his Battlecry so that it draws two minions instead of one. Both of those minions are then awarded +4/+4 and Galakrond’s title changes from “the Unbreakable” to “the Apocalypse.” If you’re able to Invoke Galakrond enough to reach his final form, he transforms into Galakrond, Azeroth’s End. This version of Galakrond has a Battlecry that draws four minions from your deck and then gives them all +4/+4. In addition, you also get to equip a 5/2 Claw.

If you need an example of why this expansion is called Descent of Dragons, look no further than Galakrond. If you can pry yourself away from Battlegrounds, you’ll be able to take Galakrond for a spin on Dec. 10 when the new Hearthstone expansion is released.