The new V-07-TR-0N animation is glorious

A fairly routine Hearthstone patch dropped yesterday

A fairly routine Hearthstone patch dropped yesterday. Along with some nice changes to spectator mode and next season’s card back, a pretty cool cosmetic effect also made its way into the game.

The somewhat underutilized V-07-TR-0N’s animation suddenly looks quite different. And let’s not beat around the bush: It’s awesome.

V-07-TR-0N and it’s mega-windfury ability don’t see that much play as it is not actually a collectible card. It can only be obtained in game by playing Mimiron’s Head and having two other mechs in play at the end of your next turn. Previously if you achieved this, Mimiron’s Head and the other two mechs would simply be destroyed and replaced with the powerful mech boss. Now, in something that looks like a cross between Power Rangers and Pokemon, the Head morphs into V-07-TR-0N.

The patch dropped yesterday, and it took next to no time at all for the new animation to find its way on to a pro stream—unfortunately for Jan “Faramir” Engelmann, he wasn’t the one playing the card.

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)Not only did his opponent manage to get the charging mega-windfury creature on the board, he also had a Keeper of the Grove to silence the Sylvannas Windrunner that Engelmann had put up as his only defence.

Needless to say, V-07-TR-0N carried “Knamloc” to victory.

Here’s another clip of the animation with the full audio.

Image via FaramirHS/Twitch